May the Spruce Be With You

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, I hope that you’re enjoying it with your loved ones today.

Now that the holiday season has pretty much come and gone, I thought this would be a great time to reveal our holiday card. This was the first year I designed my own card and had it made through Vistaprint (sorry Snapfish). I used to go with the predetermined themes, but Steve and I were wanted to do a Star Wars homage in honor of The Force Awakens coming out in theaters this month. The best solution seemed to be to use my beginner to intermediate Photoshop skills design our own original card. Combine that with a 60% Cyberweek deal, and we were in business.


The inspiration was obviously Star Wars, but also incorporating Steve’s love of Christmas trees and my killer side eye. And Schooner, of course. If you haven’t seen The Empire Strikes Back, the wording is from when Princess Leia tells Han Solo that she loves him right before he gets frozen in carbonite and he looks back at her and replies, “I know.”

The name thing came to me at the end before I was about to hit “print” when I realized we needed to sign the card in some way. What are the odds that are names would fit so well with the original character’s? (Well, I guess Schoonbacca is kind of cheating, but you get the idea.)

This is our sixth Christmas card together, and even though we argue every year about the theme and Steve has a heart attack when he finds out how much I spend on postage, I love that we have a little collection of our holiday history to look back on. Someday I’ll get around to putting them in some sort of memory book in chronological order, but for now they live in my yearly Christmas card folders (that’s right, I save all the ones I receive every year).

So to you and yours: a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And may the Spruce be with you.


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