Good as Gold

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Greetings, internet!

I am so excited to be coming at you for the first time from my new website (thanks again to my husband and his many forms of employment that made it all happen), just in time for award show season! With the Golden Globes tonight and Oscar nominations being announced on Thursday morning (which also happens to by my anniversary – coincidence?! I think not), it seemed like the perfect time to finally jump on here and say a real hello to all of you. Please bear with me as I continue to get used to things around here… you may notices that things look slightly different than my previous site. I’m no computer wiz, but I’d like to consider myself slightly savvy, so I’m working on figuring things out as I go (thanks, Google). You’ll see my previous posts on here (although the formatting is slightly screwed up) and hopefully lots of new stuff too.

Speaking of the Globes, you know I’ll be tuning in tonight (actually, this afternoon – I started with the E! coverage at 4 P.M.!), so follow along with me on Twitter at @legallylinz¬†and my Facebook page. In honor of the official start of awards season, I took a look back at some of Lindsay’s favorite looks (see that, what I did there?) from the Golden Globes of year’s past.


I think my all-time fave has to be that bright yellow number that Reese sported back in 2007. It was one of her first appearances after the devastating (for all of us) breakup with Ryan Phillippe, and you know what they say about the best revenge. Also I totally tried those bangs, and they were fun, but a LOT of work.

Who are some of your favorite Globe-trotters? Check back in later this week, where I will be given you my full, fierce fashion recap. And tweet me tonight! I’m always looking for new snark buddies to add to the circle.


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