You’re Giving Me Chills

Written by Lindsay Scouras

It may only be days after Halloween but it certainly feels like pre-winter. Which I guess is really fall. But seriously, it’s like everything just chilled overnight. And that means… sweater weather!

Typically, I have always thought of sweaters as being sort of bulky and hideous. But all these chicks on Pinterest and in the blogosphere are all of a sudden making sweaters look chic despite being super slouchy. I don’t know how this is possible, but obviously I see it and I want it. It may have something to do with the fact that these girls underneath the sweaters are waif-like to begin with. My inspiration comes courtesy of Song of Style, which I discovered from following {av}’s quest for giving Pinterest credit where credit is due. After some Google Imaging I found the original source of the photo, which led me to this blog. 


I threw in a floral skirt because I’m just not totally ready to part with all things summer yet (although I did use my hurricane days off to put away all my warm weather clothes, and let me tell you, it was depressing). Plus I love that this skirt could take you from spring and summer into fall with a pair of chevron ribbed tights. Last but not least, Ugg booties are sure to keep your feet toasty. Normally I don’t love that exposed sheep skin fold over look, but I like this to break up all the black on the bottom a bit. 

Stay warm everybody! Also don’t forget to check out everyone else’s warm snugglies over at {long distance loving}


10 comments on “You’re Giving Me Chills

  1. Isn’t it crazy how the blogworld makes things you would never have tried look amazing?! Too funny. I am liking the over-sized sweater look, too. Your interpretation has great personality and your own twist. Love that neon!

  2. That little flower skirt is awesome!!!

  3. Love the look! I’m definitely still a fan of bright colors for Fall/Winter!

  4. Love that neon sweater!! And it’s so fun with the floral skirt! Great choices!

    xo, Jordan

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