You Better Work: Week Four

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Wow. I am like an entire week behind on outfit posts. And let me tell you, this is a good week, if I do say so myself. I got the most likes ever on a Monday outfit and I took a picture every day. So I had it together, but clearly not together enough to post on time. So let’s get to it:


gap sweater/old navy button down/forever 21 necklace/j crew skirt/macys shoes

Guys, it happened. I’ve peaked. And it’s only week four, so I’m kind of screwed. I got the most likes I’ve ever gotten on Instagram and Facebook with this one. I actually put together this outfit when I was preparing for my interview, and decided against it because I thought it was a tad too casual. But I loved it, and I banked it in my style memory for a later date. Which is awesome, because let me tell you- getting this skirt was work. I saw it at the J. Crew outlet months ago, and though it was cute, but I had no money and therefore no business even being there. Time goes by, I get a J. Crew gift card. Yes! Now I can buy clothes. Go back to outlet, skirt doesn’t exist anymore because, duh, it’s an outlet. I go home, skirt is sold out online. I consider getting the black and white version. Damn, I should have bought that one too. Then I became a crazy person and started calling random J. Crew Factory stores throughout the country. Finally some nice person puts me out of my misery by telling me that a random store in California has one. I immediately call them, sales girl tells me she’s never heard of Massachusetts, agrees to mail me skirt regardless. I wear it to my interview, and get the job. I’m not saying they’re related. It’s just a great skirt. 


old navy top/forever 21 necklace/j crew jeans/ll bean wellies

You’re probably thinking, “uh Lindsay? I know you’ve never worked in an office before, but this isn’t traditional work wear.” And while you are right, you should know that this particular outfit was for a field trip day where we got to go to another whaling museum to visit. What a surprise? The forecast was rain. Of course this is the day that ended up being 75 and sunny and I was sweating in my tube socks and wellies. Regardless, it was a great day and I got to know a bunch of my coworkers. Plus we got to go to the mainland and take a trip to the Christmas Tree Shop and Trader Joe’s. Win-win.


banana republic button down/ny & co cardi/ann taylor skirt/temptation
watch/forever 21 bracelet/old navy earrings/express flats

Can you believe that this skirt is a hand me down? Yes, adults can have hand me downs. I know, I can’t resist a free anything. My friend Jaimie was getting rid of clothes she didn’t wear anymore, because like me, she could only wear black to work. So what do I do? Take half her clothes. I couldn’t help it. And it only took like two years, but I finally wore it. 


h&m dress/forever 21 belt/ny & co necklace/target heels

Some days, you just need to dress up a little, you know? I had to introduce a speaker at work that day, and I wanted to present myself in a classy way. This dress is super versatile. It’s jersey, so it’s casual enough but can be dressed up with the right accessories. It came with a skinny red belt, but I’ve worn it with just about every color belt I own. The intention was for there to be another color involved here, but tragedy struck as I put on my turquoise bubble necklace in the morning and one of the “bubbles” popped out. Thanks a lot, eBay. So I threw this gold geometric necklace as an afterthought. 


j crew blazer/forever 21 top/tj maxx pants/target shoes

What a surprise? It was Friday, and it rained. Just like last week. Except unlike last week, I did not get hit by a title wave of dirty water and go into a wet dog-induced rage. But I was prepared- I wore pants. And my L.L. Bean boots, at least for the walk to work and back. But then I changed into my leopard smoking slippers, because hey- it was Friday! And I’m fun!

Another week down, and still no repeats! Sure there are some pieces heavily in rotation here and there, and obviously certain color schemes keep popping up, but I’m still looking for new ways to mix it up. 

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  1. I love everything about the first look and the navy dress. Super cute

  2. You are adorable! I LOVE that navy dress.

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