We Don’t Need No Gleeduation

Written by Lindsay Scouras
this pretty much came true exactly. well, not for me, because i’m dead inside.

Last night was the season finale of the third season of Glee, probably one of my favorite series of all time. The past two seasons have been kind of up and down as far as story lines go, but I am no fair-weather fan. So I prepared myself for yet another emotional television viewing this week, as I already broke down in tears when the cast said goodbye to Kristen Wiig on SNL. Finale week is tough.

I made plans to watch the episode with my friend Jaimie. We left work and headed straight to her apartment to prepare ourselves for such an event. Unfortunately we were not as prepared as we were the past two season premieres in which a party was thrown in honor of our favorite returning show. So instead we ordered panini’s and painted our nails, which is clearly the most appropriate pre-finale viewing protocol.

My favorite thing to do for any major television event is to devote all of my Facebook statuses to it for that particular evening. I think it’s the least I can do for all these programs have done for me, plus I’m still going through award season withdrawal. Some people may find this annoying, but frankly, I don’t care. Everyone else and their mother uses FB for whatever the hell they feel like, when they feel like. I don’t really care if you’re annoyed that your feed is filled. I can tell you right now I have plenty of people’s feeds hidden that are boring/overly political/anything that I don’t feel like looking at, and anyone I’m friends with is free to do the same to me.

Yes, I understand that Twitter is the more appropriate place for sudden and frequent updates, but the majority of the people I watch Glee “with” (yes, sometimes it really does feel like we’re all together) aren’t on Twitter. Also, just an FYI- for every person I’ve had commenting “ugggh you take up my whole feed” I have at least four other people tell me that they specifically go on FB on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm to join in on the commentary. If I have to sift through 20,000 statuses about people’s bathing habits (“In the shower! text or call!”), the wonders of their children (“Little Susie made a noise today! She’s so smart!”), their lunch (“Just made a turkey and avocado sandwich on a whole wheat pita with sour cream & onion chips- YUM!”), and other mundane happenings in their everyday lives, then I think you can handle the 31 status updates that I posted between 9:00 and 10:00 pm on a Tuesday night. Now don’t get me wrong- I post status updates about my fair share of insignificant things. But it’s usually making a sarcastic remark about said insignificant thing or mocking myself for other’s amusement. Bottom line: it’s the Internet. People can use it for whatever they damn well feel like using it for. Unless it’s like kiddie porn or something else way wrong and illegal. 

That was my soapbox moment. I digress. 

So of course, it was an emotional evening. The seniors were graduating (well, except for Brittany, but who even knew she was actually still enrolled at that school) and it really felt like saying goodbye to people that you were actually friends with. I also feel like part of the reason I’m emotionally attached to this series is because I was a high school theatre geek myself, and watching the New Directions say goodbye to each other reminded me how heartbreaking it was to part ways with these people that you spent so much time with.

Of course I couldn’t actually deal with my real feelings, so I chose instead to make a mockery of all the usual ridiculous moments that Glee offers us on a weekly basis. 

So without further adieu… I give you my statuses from last night. In case you haven’t had enough.


4 comments on “We Don’t Need No Gleeduation

  1. I didn’t watch but have in the past – it’s such a great show!!

  2. My favorite! I couldn’t read your post til just now because I had some catch-up to do after a few busy weeks but I watched the finale this morning and cried like a baby. And then my dog started barking like crazy, I think due to his concern over my hysterical reaction to Finnchel breaking up. Or it was just because I stopped playing with him. I’m going to chalk it up to concern.

    Also, did you notice that Rory was randomly in some scenes but not in others? Is he a real character? And there’s no way Quinn just gave Puck a kiss, but either way what happened to her weirdo hippy boyfriend? Is season 4 starting yet???

    • The entire season my husband has been like so… what did that guy actually get out of winning the Glee Project? Alex had a way better presence and story line on his few episodes than either Samuel or Rory! I don’t know if they’re going to keep those two around. I have no idea what’s going to happen with any of them frankly. It’s going to be a loooooooooooong summer.


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