Throw It In the Bag

Written by Lindsay Scouras
all aboard ship clutch/essex scout/newspaper clutch/all typed up clyde

Once again, Kate Spade has thrown a surprise sale our way. This one isn’t just any sale, it’s being touted as the “Greatest Hits Sale” of some of their favorite bags. It should have been called “All the Fun Bags That Lindsay Has Always Wanted Sale” as there are some on here that I have been coveting for months. My favorite Kate Spade purses are the non-traditional ones, especially the clutches. They are just so fun and you can’t not be noticed when you carry them. I have the Great Gatsby Book Clutch and I get comments about it all the time (unfortunately, most of them are “did you really bring a book to this restaurant/party?” so apparently people think I’m terribly antisocial). 

Unfortunately, I won’t be pulling the trigger on this particular sale given that it’s not even a month post-holiday and I need another purse like I need a hole in the head. Even though I’m kind of dying over the boat clutch (since I first pinned it a year ago), I will just have to be strong, and hope that you are inspired enough by my picks that you purchase one of them and then let me live vicariously through you.


4 comments on “Throw It In the Bag

  1. You are very brave to resist! LOL! I tried but I unfortunately couldn’t and purchased the All Typed Up bag ( I missed out on this bag last time but not again!) and the All Aboard bag! I too love the fun non-traditional bags they are so cool!


    • I’m really sad about the boat clutch, but I’m really trying to be strong and remind myself that I still have the Gatsby book clutch for all my whimsical purse needs. I would love to see how you style it the typewriter bag!


  2. The idea of a greatest hits sale was SO fun and SO hard to resist! I already have a book clutch, otherwise I would have nabbed one 🙂

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