Surprise Me, Kate

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Oh, Kate Spade. Why do you do this to me? There’s probably no greater delight than getting one of your “surprise sale” emails in my inbox. Some have a plethora of adorable goods, some are just filled with obviously leftover merch that hasn’t hit the outlets yet. I usually covet at least two or three things, but this one is a real doozy. There’s so many things I’ve always wanted that are now on sale! In fact, they’re so cheap that some of the stuff I saw that I liked yesterday is already gone. Which is probably beneficial to me, since I’m not drowning in disposable funds right now. Plus my accessories collection could use a bit of simplifying. My current process is that I go through my entire closet, determined to get rid of things, and after trying everything on and realizing I have an emotional attachment to literally every item I own, I put approximately three things in a bag to donate. So there’s that.

Anyway, back to the sale! If I was going to partake, these are a few of the goodies I would add to my cart:

Kate Spade Collage

bonjour clutch / cove street airel / lemon street gwen camera bag / all aboard pouch / anchors away bracelet / ta da! studs

I think the earrings are my favorite (they’re only $19!!!). They’ve been in and out of previous sales, and I think I suffer from sort of opposite buyer’s remorse every time I don’t purchase them.

The surprise sale ends Thursday at midnight, so I recommend you stop everything you’re doing and start shopping. If you want to throw in a pair of studs for me, I wouldn’t hate it.


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