Once, Twice, A Hundred Times a Lady

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Well, here we are. Or should I say, here I am. My 100th post. You see, it may seem like I only started blogging once a certain forest creature invaded my apartment just a year ago. What many of you may not know is that I actually started this blog all the way back in 2008. And when I say “blogging,” I mean I registered on Blogger and wrote a single post about a one Miss Britney Spears and didn’t return for five months. If you’d like to see how it all began you can catch up here.

But to understand how this really began, we have to go back. Way back to the days before blogs and Twitter and the Internets. Okay, only one of those is true. But other than having a Live and/or Dead Journal, I had never heard of blogging or knew anyone who did it when I was in college. I had always loved to write, and once I transferred to a school that actually had a functioning newspaper, I knew I wanted to be involved. The problem was that I really only wanted to write about one thing: student government. 

I’m totally kidding. Obviously it was celebrities. 

Looking back, I’m not even sure how I convinced anyone to let me write about this, let alone allow me to have a weekly column. But it was with The Clock that I finally found something that I cared about and a group of people that were totally okay with me being ridiculous. That’s huge when you’re a transfer student and also hot mess. 

It took some searching, but I finally found my first ever Lindsay’s Look:

remember these two? ah, those were the days.

As you can see, it was originally titled “Lindsay’s Look at All Things Celebrity.” I remember that I loved that title and I was so pissed at that time when one of the layout people changed it without my knowledge, and that it would forever more be “Lindsay’s Look at Celebrity Scandal.” Or at least until I graduated. 

That’s right. Reality is a cruel, cruel mistress. You get so comfortable and jaded in your little campus bubble, taking classes just because they “sounded interesting” and working for $5.50 an hour and being totally cool with it. With graduation day looming, people asked me what was to become of Lindsay’s Look. I had no idea, because I never imagined that I wouldn’t spend the rest of my days writing about the trials and tribulations of Tinsletown’s biggest disasters. My roommate and fellow editor Erin told me that I should continue my column in blog form. It seemed like a good idea, but I was too busy imagining my fabulous post-grad life (and applying for jobs to hopefully help me achieve that) to really buckle down and do it. 

Until almost a year later, when I decided I missed my creative outlet. I obviously didn’t miss it that much, because after that one post, I only composed two others in the following year. And the next year, one more. In two years, I wrote four blog posts and two of them were about Britney Spears. I know, this is shocking information.

Then, in 2011, about six months after I got married, things started to get more interesting. Slightly. After all the hubbub of wedding planning was over and I settled in being married and working everyday like a normal adult, I found myself kinda bored and completely unsatisfied creatively. I got back into the swing of things, mainly commenting on reality stars and whatever was happening on Glee. It wasn’t until the end of the year that I finally started to write about anything that actually had to do with, well, me. And weirdly enough? Those first Christmas tree posts ended up being my most read ever. For some reason it seemed weird to me that anyone would be interesting in listening to me talk about myself or my life or the food that Steve cooks for me. 

And that’s kind of where we’ve been going since then. I say we meaning me and those of you that for some reason choose to read this. There may not be many of you now, but I hope to continue to grow my readership beyond just the people that happen to click on my links via Facebook. Getting to know everyone through Boston Bloggers and attending the first Blog Better Boston conference were huge sources of inspiration for me. I love reading any and all comments, and lots of times there are only two of them, or none at all. But I like to respond to every one because I just want everyone to know how much it means to me that you took a moment to read something I wrote. I know I personally read like a hundred blogs on a daily basis and if I didn’t have to work or shower I would comment on all of them. 

So nothing crazy to say here. I know a lot of you are expecting the 2012 Christmas tree story (which I promise is coming) or some other witty commentary on someone famous being ridiculous somewhere, but for now I just wanted to reflect on this. It only took me four years to get to one hundred, which I guess is kinda sad if you think about how many days that is, but it’s still a milestone.

But in case you need some reminding as to why you came here in the first place, take a look back at some of my personal favorite posts:

So there you have it. I look pretty good for one hundred, eh? 

Again, thank you for reading. And please keep doing so. You’re the best.


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  1. Hi, it’s me, the one who commented a few times before about being a Canuck fan. Just to let you know, I look forward to whenever you post a new blog entry. My personal fav is your series on Weight Lifting Man 🙂 Keep up the hilarious posts, cheers to 100 more!

  2. Hi, I am reading these in Carolina and I actually nominated you on my blog today. My hubs is from Boston so I enjoy reading what you have to say and your saucy little posts!

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