M-M-M-My Sephora

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I’m really running out of titles for these posts that are in no way related to Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics. What’s a girl to do?!

I shot this video back in January to showcase some of the products I received/picked up during the holidays. When you live on an island, it’s a pain sometimes to have to wait until you can hit up a Sephora to stock up on beauty products. Yes, I know you can ship, but who wants to take that chance on unreturnable, expensive makeup products if it’s something you’ve never tried before?

Some of these are restocks, others are things that I had been dying to try. Check out the video below and links to products at the bottom!

Every Drop Lip Spatula/Every Drop Beauty Spatula/Essie Holiday Hostess Gift Kit
No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner/NARS Lipstick in Schiap
Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade in Taupe/Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #14

I’ve gotten some good¬†feedback on the few videos I’ve done, but I’d love to know what other things you guys would like to see on here. I’m no expert, nor do I consider myself a “beauty blogger,” but I love¬†being able to share real products that I use with you all. I would love to do some other tutorials, but as you can tell, my video editing skills at the moment are shall we say…limited (as in, I have none at all and if I need to do something, I sort of just figure it out along the way/Google it). But let me know! Leave me a comment here or over on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!


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