Lindzterest: Make It Like Your Birthday Everyday

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Okay, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts (which again, was created by my mother’s suggestion that I pay homage to/rip off Pinterest), but I celebrated my 32nd birthday last week, which seems like an excellent time to share some of my current favorite things that I was lucky enough to receive.

I think I’ve said this before, but I love birthdays – both my own and others. I literally can’t understand people who don’t enjoy celebrating (like those people that get annoyed when waiters sing to them in restaurants – uh, hello, if four people at an Applebee’s take time out of their crappy shift to sing you “Happy Birthday” at your table with a brownie earthquake, you better be appreciative). I know as adults, we’re supposed to like, go to work and act all cool like it’s just another day, but I just can’t. Chock it up to having a summer birthday and basically never having to be in school on your special day, but even as a grown-up, I’m definitely more like this:

And yes, as with Christmas, I still make a list (which my husband still makes fun of me for). Okay, so it’s more of a Pinterest board that is viewed basically only by my mother and sister, but it works. So let’s get right into things I’m loving this week: birthday edition!

Quirky Powercurl Pop Cable Organizer & Powercurl Mini

I don’t know where it comes from, but I swear I have an undiagnosed version of OCD only pertaining to insignificant things. Like my bed could be unmade with clean, unfolded laundry strewn across it, but I literally have to line up all my shoes by the front door to feel at peace. I feel the same way about wires. Like why are they always EVERYWHERE?! In the past, I had ordered these colorful velcro wraps from Amazon, and used them for every possible cord, both in my drawers and in my purse. But I’ve always hated the way Apple cords are so heavy, and finally, my neurotic prayers have been answered. I don’t know where I first saw Quirky’s Powercurl products, but when I found they had one for both your computer AND phone cord, I knew they had to be mine. Living on an island means a lot of travel, so these are way more convenient to throw in your bag, plus they come in an array of shades like this vibrant pink.

Old Navy White Denim Jacket

I know what you’re thinking – Clarissa Darling called, and she wants her jacket back (which I would take as a compliment in which I assume it was intended). But seriously, my denim jacket is one of the most-worn piece in my wardrobe. My only complaint is that I can’t wear it with jeans (because I refuse to go full-on Canadian tuxedo). When I saw this one from Old Navy, I thought it seemed like a great value for a piece that could be super transitional as I defy my mother and wear white past Labor Day. It has a bit of stretch to it, so I could see myself wearing it well into September with a light sweater on those cool Nantucket nights when you’re still just not ready to give up on summer yet. Also it has “Stay-White” technology that supposedly repels stains, which I have yet to experience but am sure that I will soon. You can’t walk more than twenty feet on this island in August without getting at least a half a glass of rosé spilled on you.

BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

Lindsay's Look - Becca
Contouring doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and while I don’t plan on adding an extra forty-five steps to my makeup routine, I yearn for a J.Lo glow just like any other basic chick in 2017. Chrissy Teigen is one of my favorite celebs to follow on Snapchat, and when I saw her promoting this special edition palette she created with contour-queen BECCA, I was dying to try it. First of all, there’s only four colors, so right off the bat it seemed easier for a newbie (I literally wear the same five types of makeup every day and buy the same colors year after year, with the exception of a statement lip color every now and then). Plus it’s supposed to be some of the most universally flattering colors. While I have owned this for a full week, I have yet to use it, as I have no idea what I’m doing and feel like none of my Target makeup brushes are worthy of such fine products. My makeup-loving sister (who literally bought me every cool palette that I own) suggested looking up some YouTube tutorials to guide me along the way, so I plan on getting into that ASAP.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Let’s call my thirty-second trip around the sun “the year of random inventions I never knew I needed but can’t live without.” I think I found Tweexy’s nail polish holder on one of those Buzfeed lists of products meant to make your life easier. I know this is a total #firstworld issue, but don’t you hate knocking over your polish bottles when you’re just trying to treat yo self to an at-home mani? As someone who has both stained carpets with nail polish in addition to accidentally flicking some into my eye when I was a teenager (which resulted in my mother phoning poison control, only to somehow figure out that she knew the person answering the call), yes, I do need this. I’ve only used it once so far, but it was very convenient for giving myself a pedicure at the coffee table, a true measure of a night of luxury.

Vineyard Vines Gingham Baseball Hat

The irony of falling in love with a gingham Vineyard Vines hat while visiting Vermont when you live in the preppiest place on the planet is not lost on me, but that’s exactly what happened. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me refusing to take it off on my story during our Green Mountain escape last month. I literally squealed when it showed up in my mailbox, perfectly packaged in a gift box that I refuse to throw out from my friend Sarah. Between the hot pink whale and the checkered navy pattern, it’s the perfect hat for when dry shampoo just ain’t cutting it anymore but you still want to look cute.

23andMe DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis

What, you were expecting another article of clothing? When my husband presented this to me at my birthday dinner (at the beautiful Chanticleer, no less), I screamed out out “oh my God, a saliva collection kit?!” (That’s what it says on the box, P.S.) In case you were confused, that was an excited scream, not like a “I can’t believe you gave me something for my birthday with the word saliva on it” scream. The thing about Steve that is so great is that he never looks at the Pinterest board – he doesn’t need to. I don’t know how he remembers things that I want that I don’t even remember that I said I wanted, but he does. Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with doing my genealogy, and by that I mean I keep talking about it but haven’t actually done anything. My mom’s side is very super documented (it’s white, white, and more white, in case you were wondering, like next boat after the Mayflower white), but I personally don’t know as much about my dad’s side, my Italian roots. My dream is to totally map out our family trees and then go on a trip to Greece and Italy and find the places our respective family members are from. Also a goal: save exorbitant amount of dollars to pay for said trip. Anyway, this seemed like a good first step to figure out what kind of chromosomes I’m working with here.

So that’s a sampling of some of the awesome gifts I received this year, not including lots of wonderful cards, baked goods, gift certificates, and one unprecedented public display at the office:

Thanks to everyone that called or texted or even just left a one-line note on Facebook (times like these make you realize that the internet can be a nice place occasionally) – I’m not one for the sappy stuff but it truly does mean a lot to a birthday fanatic like myself.

Until next year,


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