FF: Smells Like Team Spirit

Written by Lindsay Scouras

The theme for Friday’s Fancies this week is all about showing off your team colors. Okay, so technically the theme was football focused, but I chose to interpret it a little more loosely. 

You see, I don’t really watch football. Correction: I never watch football. Unless there’s a star studded halftime show. If I was held at gunpoint, of course I would choose the Patriots, but everyone knows that the home I live in is a hockey home, and that’s it. Over the past seven years, I feel like I have embraced this lifestyle, especially with my wardrobe (see here and here for proof). In light of recent events in the National Hockey League (or lack thereof), Bruins fans everywhere are thisclose to suffering from withdrawals- and the season wouldn’t have even started by now! 

So what better way to deal with the lockout blues than to create fictional outfits that are inspired by that very team? Well I’m sure that’s not how most fans are handling it, but sometimes pretend retail therapy works just as well as actual therapy. 


I know what you’re thinking. When I first saw them I was like holy hell, why on earth would someone do that to a pair of pants?! But the more I searched around for more subdued B’s inspired pieces, I realized that if you’re going to declare yourself a fan, this is the way to do it and they started to grow on me. I mean, people show up to games in unitards. It really doesn’t get that much more unstylish than that. Why not go all out with one kuh-razy leg?! 

Since the weather is cooling down and hockey games force you to sit in the cold inside, this varsity jacket is the perfect cover up. Normally, this is totally not my style but I’ve been seeing them pop up all over magazines and fashion blogs lately. Of course, the chic way to sport this style of outerwear is with a pointy pair of ankle booties, which I am not even going to pretend are Garden appropriate (although it wouldn’t be the first time I saw some overdressed chick in there just trying to get guys to think that she actually likes the sport- and I am only allowed to say that because I am a reformed member myself). 

This satchel is the ultimate bag for stadium seating because it’s not too big. Plus, the cross-body style keeps your hands free for important things, like cheering or nachos. It also prevents any expensive-bag-to-sticky-floor-contact. 

I always try to bring a hat or ear muffs to cover my cold cold head, but I like this slouchy hat that keeps the ensemble from looking too done up. Real fans don’t try so hard, so a perfectly styled do is more of a don’t when it comes to sports. But of course, you need a little logo in there somewhere, which is why I always finish off my athletic apparel with a tiny pair of B’s earring (I actually own two pairs of these in different sizes, you know, depending on the occasion). 

If this is all too much for you, you could always go for a tasteful team mani:
i know what you’re thinking, and no, this was not for my wedding day.

GO B’s!!!!!! (I mean it. I actually miss you.) 


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  1. that bag is just about precious! love it!

  2. OMG. your nails are fab!!!

    xo, Emily

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