Dress Me, Kate

Written by Lindsay Scouras

It’s no secret that Kate Spade is hands down my favorite designer. I don’t know how I went to being a girl from NH that literally had never heard of Kate Spade until they starting selling knockoffs at the Derry flea market, to a woman that not only loves the brand but owns more of it than I ever imagined I would have of any one designer. I imagine living in such close vicinity to the outlet may have had something to do with it. Since I clearly can’t afford most of these clothes and accessories (I would say 85% of the Kate Spade merchandise I own was a result of gifts), I spend a lot of time staring at pieces online and dreaming of how I would style them.

Knowing that this week was New York Fashion Week, I spent much of my boat ride back to the mainland on Friday fighting with the WiFi on the Hyline, frantically searching online galleries for pics from the Spring 2014 showcase. When I heard the theme involved Paris, garden parties, and travel, I died a little inside, knowing that many of the pieces would soon by on my wish list, and by that I mean, my mental list that I hold onto and hope in two years I can get it on clearance at the outlet.

The only thing that bums me out about the NYFW presentation is that you don’t get a good look at the smaller pieces, like bags and jewelry (which are my favorite things to look at from Kate Spade), because it’s more about the overall looks on the parade of models. Regardless, I was of course in love with the bright colors and the shapes of some of the dresses and skirts, which goes back to why I love Kate Spade in the first place- because it’s fun!

The only thing that wasn’t so fun to me was… the lemons. I’m all for the quirky touches and random objects that KSNY chooses to highlight with particular collections, but mostly I found many of these garments to be ill-fitting. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if they reminded me of a small child or a grandmother. 

Please don’t hate me, Kate Spade. I will love you forever. As long as you take it easy on the lemons. 


All images via The Fashion Spot.

4 comments on “Dress Me, Kate

  1. I remember when I first discovered Kate Spade via knockoffs as well, it started my obsessive relationship with the brand! 😛 Really excited about what they have in store for spring…!

    • I die over this show at NYFW every year. And every year, I say “I am going to go there next year!” And that hasn’t happened yet. But that’s probably one of my immediate life goals at the moment.


  2. LOL I am not a huge fan of the lemons either but I do love Kate Spade! I LOVE all of her shoes xo

    • Normally, I like the cutesy Kate Spade themes (such as the movie stuff that is out now, the book clutches, etc.) but I was not a fan of the whole donut motif they have going on in stores now, and the lemons were just too much for me. It wasn’t even so much about the pattern, but I thought the fit of these were just horrendous. No thanks!


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