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Lindzterest: Make It Like Your Birthday Everyday

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Okay, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts (which again, was created by my mother’s suggestion that I pay homage to/rip off Pinterest), but I celebrated my 32nd birthday last week, which seems like an excellent time to share some of my current favorite things that I was lucky enough to receive.

I think I’ve said this before, but I love birthdays – both my own and others. I literally can’t understand people who don’t enjoy celebrating (like those people that get annoyed when waiters sing to them in restaurants – uh, hello, if four people at an Applebee’s take time out of their crappy shift to sing you “Happy Birthday” at your table with a brownie earthquake, you better be appreciative). I know as adults, we’re supposed to like, go to work and act all cool like it’s just another day, but I just can’t. Chock it up to having a summer birthday and basically never having to be in school on your special day, but even as a grown-up, I’m definitely more like this:

And yes, as with Christmas, I still make a list (which my husband still makes fun of me for). Okay, so it’s more of a Pinterest board that is viewed basically only by my mother and sister, but it works. So let’s get right into things I’m loving this week: birthday edition!

Quirky Powercurl Pop Cable Organizer & Powercurl Mini

I don’t know where it comes from, but I swear I have an undiagnosed version of OCD only pertaining to insignificant things. Like my bed could be unmade with clean, unfolded laundry strewn across it, but I literally have to line up all my shoes by the front door to feel at peace. I feel the same way about wires. Like why are they always EVERYWHERE?! In the past, I had ordered these colorful velcro wraps from Amazon, and used them for every possible cord, both in my drawers and in my purse. But I’ve always hated the way Apple cords are so heavy, and finally, my neurotic prayers have been answered. I don’t know where I first saw Quirky’s Powercurl products, but when I found they had one for both your computer AND phone cord, I knew they had to be mine. Living on an island means a lot of travel, so these are way more convenient to throw in your bag, plus they come in an array of shades like this vibrant pink.

Old Navy White Denim Jacket

I know what you’re thinking – Clarissa Darling called, and she wants her jacket back (which I would take as a compliment in which I assume it was intended). But seriously, my denim jacket is one of the most-worn piece in my wardrobe. My only complaint is that I can’t wear it with jeans (because I refuse to go full-on Canadian tuxedo). When I saw this one from Old Navy, I thought it seemed like a great value for a piece that could be super transitional as I defy my mother and wear white past Labor Day. It has a bit of stretch to it, so I could see myself wearing it well into September with a light sweater on those cool Nantucket nights when you’re still just not ready to give up on summer yet. Also it has “Stay-White” technology that supposedly repels stains, which I have yet to experience but am sure that I will soon. You can’t walk more than twenty feet on this island in August without getting at least a half a glass of rosé spilled on you.

BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

Lindsay's Look - Becca
Contouring doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and while I don’t plan on adding an extra forty-five steps to my makeup routine, I yearn for a J.Lo glow just like any other basic chick in 2017. Chrissy Teigen is one of my favorite celebs to follow on Snapchat, and when I saw her promoting this special edition palette she created with contour-queen BECCA, I was dying to try it. First of all, there’s only four colors, so right off the bat it seemed easier for a newbie (I literally wear the same five types of makeup every day and buy the same colors year after year, with the exception of a statement lip color every now and then). Plus it’s supposed to be some of the most universally flattering colors. While I have owned this for a full week, I have yet to use it, as I have no idea what I’m doing and feel like none of my Target makeup brushes are worthy of such fine products. My makeup-loving sister (who literally bought me every cool palette that I own) suggested looking up some YouTube tutorials to guide me along the way, so I plan on getting into that ASAP.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Let’s call my thirty-second trip around the sun “the year of random inventions I never knew I needed but can’t live without.” I think I found Tweexy’s nail polish holder on one of those Buzfeed lists of products meant to make your life easier. I know this is a total #firstworld issue, but don’t you hate knocking over your polish bottles when you’re just trying to treat yo self to an at-home mani? As someone who has both stained carpets with nail polish in addition to accidentally flicking some into my eye when I was a teenager (which resulted in my mother phoning poison control, only to somehow figure out that she knew the person answering the call), yes, I do need this. I’ve only used it once so far, but it was very convenient for giving myself a pedicure at the coffee table, a true measure of a night of luxury.

Vineyard Vines Gingham Baseball Hat

The irony of falling in love with a gingham Vineyard Vines hat while visiting Vermont when you live in the preppiest place on the planet is not lost on me, but that’s exactly what happened. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me refusing to take it off on my story during our Green Mountain escape last month. I literally squealed when it showed up in my mailbox, perfectly packaged in a gift box that I refuse to throw out from my friend Sarah. Between the hot pink whale and the checkered navy pattern, it’s the perfect hat for when dry shampoo just ain’t cutting it anymore but you still want to look cute.

23andMe DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis

What, you were expecting another article of clothing? When my husband presented this to me at my birthday dinner (at the beautiful Chanticleer, no less), I screamed out out “oh my God, a saliva collection kit?!” (That’s what it says on the box, P.S.) In case you were confused, that was an excited scream, not like a “I can’t believe you gave me something for my birthday with the word saliva on it” scream. The thing about Steve that is so great is that he never looks at the Pinterest board – he doesn’t need to. I don’t know how he remembers things that I want that I don’t even remember that I said I wanted, but he does. Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with doing my genealogy, and by that I mean I keep talking about it but haven’t actually done anything. My mom’s side is very super documented (it’s white, white, and more white, in case you were wondering, like next boat after the Mayflower white), but I personally don’t know as much about my dad’s side, my Italian roots. My dream is to totally map out our family trees and then go on a trip to Greece and Italy and find the places our respective family members are from. Also a goal: save exorbitant amount of dollars to pay for said trip. Anyway, this seemed like a good first step to figure out what kind of chromosomes I’m working with here.

So that’s a sampling of some of the awesome gifts I received this year, not including lots of wonderful cards, baked goods, gift certificates, and one unprecedented public display at the office:

Thanks to everyone that called or texted or even just left a one-line note on Facebook (times like these make you realize that the internet can be a nice place occasionally) – I’m not one for the sappy stuff but it truly does mean a lot to a birthday fanatic like myself.

Until next year,


Girls Who Wear Glasses

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I know the term “fomo” is relatively new as far as the English language goes, but I’ve been suffering with this affliction since grade school. It’s not that I was a spoiled kid, but often I was so intrigued by things that I wasn’t a part of, which only made me more desperate to be included (we’ll call it more of an obsessive curiosity). In second grade, I didn’t understand why all the girls in my class were wearing white dresses and veils at their First Communions and I wasn’t (we weren’t Catholic, so that may have been the cause), and I used to gaze longingly at the kids in daycare on my way out of school and feel like I was totally missing out on some cool club where they got to play games in the cafeteria (my mom had to explain to me that not all kids had parents who worked at home).

But the biggest “club” that I have never been a part of and was desperate to join was, once again, not something that most kids wished for themselves: I wanted to wear glasses.


Why? I have no idea. I’m going to chalk it up to a young Lindsay wanting to express herself with as many accessories as possible. I thought kids that had glasses were just the coolest. I mean, when superheroes wear them, no one knows who they are! You cannot deny the power of a good pair of specs, amirite?

Slight snafu here: I was cursed with “better than perfect” vision (20/15 to be exact), discovered after I accidentally walked into the side of my house when I was 8, resulting in a large goose egg and a trip to the eye doctor. When the optometrist ensured my mother that I was not in fact, blind, but rather clumsy, my four-eyed dreams were dashed.


That is, until now. That’s right – I, Lindsay Scouras, am finally getting… glasses ?

I know what you’re thinking. Lindsay, glasses are a sign of aging! Why celebrate the fact that your once perfect eyesight slowly going down the drain? This is just the first of many ailments to come that show you are no longer a spring chicken, lady! True, but I am looking at this at more of a preventative measure that happens to be sanctioned by a medical professional. Botox for the eyes, if you will.

You see, for the past couple of months, I had started to feel like my once-perfect vision wasn’t so perfect anymore. During the day, my eyes would start to go blurry at work, and I would have trouble getting them to focus again. I started feeling way more sensitive to fluorescent light and colors, sometimes having to go off into a dark room and allow my eyes to “reset” before I went back to work (super productive, no?). It was an unfamiliar and completely disruptive feeling that was really throwing me off my game at the office, and also causing me to turn into bed way early when I wasn’t even tired because I just wanted to be in the dark.

But let’s call a spade a spade – I work in an office and spend at least 60 hours a week staring at a computer. I enjoy blogging and editing photos, which adds more screen time after-hours. I do social media for my job (and okay, also for fun) and treat my iPhone like it’s my tiny tech child – never too far out of sight. And yes, I’m turning thirty-two next week, so there’s that.

All these factors combined lead me to take a trip to the eye doctor. And let me tell you, I have never had a better medical appointment in my entire life. If you are on Nantucket and need to go to the eye doctor, do yourself a favor and hightail it over to Dr. Gage at ACK Eye. I almost asked her if she had any other specialities, because I would seriously let her poke and prod me any day.

Have you guys been to the eye doctor lately? I mean, I know I haven’t been seen about 1993, but these people have gone full-on Jetsons futuristic. The thing you use to read with all the different-sized letters? It’s on an iMac now. They change the letters with a remote (apparently, people who chose to deny themselves the opportunity to wear glasses would memorize them). Also they had the best waiting room magazine selection I’ve come across in some time.

So anyway, what I gleaned from my new BFF Dr. Gage is that my eyesight is still good. I’m far-sighted and still see very well at great distances, however, my close-up skills need a bit of work. Blame it on age, the computer, whatever – but I need to keep these girls in check (and yes, I have chosen to start referring to my eyes in the way that other women talk about their breasts). She found that my right eye is slightly stronger than the left, which she said was ironic because I’m left-handed, and most people’s dominant eye is also their dominant hand.

She wrote me a very low prescription, and encouraged me not to wear my glasses all day (so I don’t become completely dependent on them prematurely) and to wear them starting at say, 2 P.M. when my eyes start to feel a little tired from looking at a screen for a prolonged period of time. Dr. Gage said it should not only help with focusing and reading, but would probably help wake me up a bit more in the afternoon, which for someone like me who doesn’t drink coffee, is always helpful.

She gave me a few other helpful (and obvious) tips, like giving your eyes a break at least once every hour – getting up and changing scenery for a few minutes is best, but even blinking strongly for a bit when you can’t escape the clutches of your desk is helpful.

Even though I had to get back to work, I couldn’t resist trying on at least a few pairs of glasses before I left the office, though I knew I was in no place to decide on a pair that day. The women in the retail area were so helpful and nice even when I nervously exclaimed that I couldn’t possibly make a decision today at least three times during my visit. Of course I immediately fell in love with a $300 Zac Posen pair, even though though I tried on an almost-identical no-name brand (I’m such a sucker).

Side note: Can we talk about how difficult it is to take a quality selfie in glasses?! I am so not used to having this thing on my face, I had no idea where to look, which angle to turn my head at – not to mention there’s a glare no matter where you go. Four-eyed ladies (and gentlemen, I’m not fussed), please give a girl some tips! It’s also really hard to tell what these actually looked like in person. I tried on numerous pairs that I thought sort of suited my face, only to find them to be gargantuan in photos.

Anyway, this brings me to today, kids. It’s time for me to get glasses but I have no idea where to start. I was told by numerous Nantucketers not to buy glasses from the eye doctor directly, because like produce or housewares, the upcharge just for being on a island is bonkers. Everyone said take your prescription the next time you go off island to a BJ’s or somewhere that sells glasses on the cheap. I don’t think your first pair of spectacles can be picked out online anyway (also, do the kids still say spectacles?) – this is definitely a try-on in person scenario.

The other advice I got was to go with a service like Warby Parker, where you can try them on at home and pay a nominal price for the lenses and frames. I know you get what you pay for, but I’m basically getting a slightly better pair of the readers your mother buys from CVS and always loses at the bottom of her purse. In less than twenty-four hours after my appointment, I already sent away for the Warby Parker “At Home Try-On” and am anxiously stalking the mailman for my package.

Is there anywhere else I should be looking? Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands, so I was slightly curious about their offerings in this department, however I’m such a novice here that I’m literally running around helpless wondering how to purchase a set of frames and a prescription separately and have them fit together. Send help!


**This post is not sponsored in any way (duh, it’s like, a medical appointment – although in the blogging world, who knows what’s next for #ad content), I just had a really great experience with this doctor and wanted to share the completely ridiculous excitement that I feel over having to get glasses!

Living on the Wedge

Written by Lindsay Scouras

You guys know I’m something of a bargain hunter. I love getting a good deal on something, so much so that I can still identify exactly how much I paid for a majority of the zillions of pieces that make up my wardrobe. But now I’m getting into a weird stage in my life where I’m starting to think that I should maybe go for quality over price? (I know, adulting is weird.) Don’t get me wrong, I will still head to Forever 21 for a trendy piece of jewelry that I won’t cry about if it turns parts of my body green.

But now here I am, oh so close to my thirty-first birthday, and starting to wonder if the money I’ve spent of the “fast fashion” items that I’ve picked up in the past should be used towards better-made pieces that could potentially last me more than a season or two.

So this brings me to my latest quest (or obsession, as some would call it, but let’s not get all judgey here): the perfect summer wedge. I have been rocking a pair from TJ Maxx that I spent $30 on five years ago. They have elastic straps and a heel covered in a braided hemp material that has slowly been shedding over the years. I would like to think that I have well gotten my money’s worth (I mean, that’s a whopping $6 per year) but seriously, it’s time for those babies to head to shoe heaven.

Here’s my current conundrum – I want a new pair of neutral, tan wedges. However, in my older, wiser age, I have become increasingly pickier without really expanding my budget. And I read approximately 648 more blogs now, and of course fell in love with a super-expensive pair of Tory Burch wedges that go with everything that there’s no way I could ever bring myself to actually buy (nor would I be let back into my home if I went out and spent this on a whim).

TB 2

But they’re beautiful, supple leather in a perfect in-between brown and tan shade that obviously would go with everything (as exhibited on a constant basis by Cait of Southern Curls & Pearls). And to add insult to injury, I just happen to go online today and see that they are marked down from $325 to $227! Have I lived on a very expensive island for too long that I now think, “hey! That’s a great deal”?

In an effort to calm my constant craving for said wedge, I decided to search a few of my favorite affordable stores and see if there was anything remotely similar at a lower price point that would temporarily quench my insatiable shoe thirst. So I bring you, my way cheaper wedge options:


dsw $39.95 / forever 21 $27.90 / nordstrom rack $39.97 / nordstrom rack $29.90 / tory burch (on sale for $227) / target $26.24 / lucky brand via zappos $89 / tj maxx $39.99

Let me explain the very specific criteria in which I searched:

  • I was looking for a light cognac/neutral/beige/tan wedge that could be worn universally with pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Day to night and all that business.
  • I hate the look of cork. Do you know how many wedges there are that aren’t made of cork? (I’ll give you a hint – you’re looking at them)
  • I was also kind of over the hemp thing. Which again, eliminated 75% of the options out there for wedges. One of these pairs has a hint of it because it was getting ridiculous and basically unavoidable.
  • I really wanted a solid platform (no wood/fake wood – the closest I got was the Target pair, because again, I was working with very little options).
  • I wanted a thicker strap for general security, because well… I sprained my foot once because of an Old Navy flip flop. So there’s history there.
  • I wanted height, but even at 5’3, I gotta draw the line somewhere. There’s a lot of cute Jessica Simpson options, but they are no joke, five inches tall. I live on an island made up of sand and cobblestones. You do the math.


And in the end… I still haven’t decided. Yes, my heart (and sole wink) yearns for the Tory Burch pair, but it’s just not a practical option for me right now (plus once your husband buys you Manolos, you’re pretty much not allowed to ask for another fancy shoe for like at least five years). I was all set to pull the trigger on the Target pair and at least get through this summer, but the practical side of me decided to read the reviews and saw multiple complaints saying that these wedges just fall apart immediately. So now I’m just kind of hanging back in shoe limbo.

So what would you do? Fork over the big bucks or rock a bargain brand and hope it makes it through the summer? If you need me, I’ll be here, drooling over my laptop.


And They Were All Yellow

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Breaking news: It is no longer winter in New England.

I know one can never speak too soon (after all, it did snow the day of my prom and yes it was fourteen years ago and NO I’M STILL NOT OVER IT), but I did feel secure enough in the slow creep of the temperature to relegate my sweaters and mittens to the confines of their Space Bags.

On Nantucket, the true arrival of spring comes with the annual Daffodil Festival, which starts on Main Street and finishes out in the postcard-perfect village of ‘Sconset. You may remember that this marked my first Nantucket Community Television appearance last year and ever since I arrived on the rock, it has always been one of my favorite island events. Everyone is always happy and smiling, so excited to breathe in the fresh air after being trapped inside all winter, there’s thematically-decorated antique cars and dogs wearing little outfits, and of course, flowers. Seriously, I had never seen so many daffodils until I moved here. I mean they die before spring truly kicks into overdrive, but for a solid couple of weeks, the island is covered in yellow and green.

Speaking of spring colors, my other favorite thing about the Daffodil Festival is that nothing is off-limits when it comes to dress. Most people just go all out on the day of the actual parade, but me? You know i can’t resist a theme. So for the last few years, I’ve chosen to rock my Daffy colors the entire week leading up to the festival, complete with marigold mani.

Check out this week’s ensembles, inspired by my favorite Nantucket springtime tradition:


New York & Company cardi (old, but this one is a perfect Daffy substitute)

Old Navy tank (old, similar here), flats & ring

J.Crew pants (same style, different colors) / Kate Spade earrings & watch


Old Navy chambray (old, similar here) / J.Crew skirt (same style, different color)

ILY Couture necklace (old, similar here)/ Target flats (out of stock, similar here)

Kate Spade watch


Banana Republic top & jacket (super old, similar style here & here)

J.Crew skirt / Kate Spade earrings / Dolce Vita booties via Nordstrom Rack


Old Navy chambray / Charlotte Russe necklace (similar here)

J.Crew pants (same style, different colors) / Old Navy flats


J.Crew dress (same style, different color) & blazer

Kate Spade necklace (old outlet find, different nautical style here / Old Navy flats

Nantucket bracelet (I can’t remember where I bought it, but I’m going to figure it out!)

Of course all of this was leading to the event itself, which was probably one of my favorite experiences since I’ve lived on this island. It was by far the best the best weather of the last three years, and I felt so much more prepared for my hosting duties than I did the first time around (which is hopefully obvious in this year’s footage compared to 2015). The only bummer was that Steve and Schooner weren’t here to enjoy the festivities, but luckily my fellow food-savvy friends camped out with a pretty bomb picnic in ‘Sconset.

Want to see for yourself what the Daffodil Festival is really like? You can watch a little behind-the-scenes recap on my Snapchat story (are we friends yet? You can follow me on Snapchat – my username is LegallyLinz!) .

Check out this year’s coverage of the event from our local station, NCTV 18, hosted by yours truly!

Had enough yellow yet? I have to admit, it’s not a universal color that everyone can pull off. But Nantucket, you wear it well.


I Woke Up Like This (Not Flawless) Pt. 2

Written by Lindsay Scouras

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m in the process of testing a new regimen from the premium skincare line Rodan + Fields (you can check out this post here or watch my YouTube video to see day one).

LisaYou’ve already heard about my skincare journey, so now it’s time to get to know Lisa Russo Lothian, my R+F consultant!

How did you find out about Rodan + Fields?

I found out about the company when a high school friend of mine posted about her business on Facebook. Since I was turning thirty-six and was starting to see the effects of aging, I decided to give myself the REDEFINE regimen for Christmas. Best gift I ever gave myself!

What drew you to the company and made you want to get involved?

After using the products for about three months and falling in love with them, I became really interested in the business side of Rodan + Fields. It helped that I knew a girl from high school whose husband just retired at thirty-four years old because his wife’s R+F business was doing so well. I was like, “I’m in!!” And honestly haven’t looked back since.

What are the biggest changes in your skin that you’ve noticed since switching to these products?

The biggest change in my skin since starting my regimen is a softer, more glowing skin tone. The texture is firmer and I notice a lot less discoloration. Basically I feel like a teenager again!

Why are these products worth the investment?

Premium skincare is something that we all should be using to help preserve our skin and also reverse the effects of sun damage and exposure. Rodan + Fields was created by Stanford-trained dermatologists, who have a combined fifty years experience in skincare. Plus, you are saving money on office visits to a dermatologist.

What is your Rodan + Fields favorite product?

People ask me that all the time, and while I highly recommend all of our products, I would have to say my favorite product is our AMP MD roller and night serum. The roller has little acupuncture needles that when rolled over your skin, make a tiny “wound” and send a message to your natural collagen to amp up production. Also, it helps the night serum (which feels like liquid silk!) penetrate the skin even more.

What is the biggest mistake that people make with their skin care routine?

Hands down, the biggest mistake people make with a skincare routine is not being consistent. You have to be consistent to see results. I leave my eye cream next to my bed, so even when I’m super tired, it’s right there to use before I fall asleep.

How has working with Rodan + Fields impacted your life?

Working for Rodan + Fields has allowed me to dream again. Crazy big dreams that most people laugh at, but I know are possible. My goal is to have my husband retired by forty and have the ability to travel with my family all over the world, while working my business from my iPhone or computer. We like to say in this business “all you need is Wi-Fi and a dream.”


If you’re interested in talking to Lisa about products or want information about becoming a Rodan + Fields consultant, you can check out her page here!

In the meantime, I am so excited to do my very first giveaway! Lisa was kind enough to supply three readers with a special R+F “mini-facial” sample, containing a microdermabrasion paste packet, a capsule of night serum, and a capsule of hydrating lip serum. Enter using the link below! (Contest ends on March 26, 2016 at 12 A.M.)


This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to winners Caitlin R. & Nicole D.!

May the Spruce Be With You

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, I hope that you’re enjoying it with your loved ones today.

Now that the holiday season has pretty much come and gone, I thought this would be a great time to reveal our holiday card. This was the first year I designed my own card and had it made through Vistaprint (sorry Snapfish). I used to go with the predetermined themes, but Steve and I were wanted to do a Star Wars homage in honor of The Force Awakens coming out in theaters this month. The best solution seemed to be to use my beginner to intermediate Photoshop skills design our own original card. Combine that with a 60% Cyberweek deal, and we were in business.


The inspiration was obviously Star Wars, but also incorporating Steve’s love of Christmas trees and my killer side eye. And Schooner, of course. If you haven’t seen The Empire Strikes Back, the wording is from when Princess Leia tells Han Solo that she loves him right before he gets frozen in carbonite and he looks back at her and replies, “I know.”

The name thing came to me at the end before I was about to hit “print” when I realized we needed to sign the card in some way. What are the odds that are names would fit so well with the original character’s? (Well, I guess Schoonbacca is kind of cheating, but you get the idea.)

This is our sixth Christmas card together, and even though we argue every year about the theme and Steve has a heart attack when he finds out how much I spend on postage, I love that we have a little collection of our holiday history to look back on. Someday I’ll get around to putting them in some sort of memory book in chronological order, but for now they live in my yearly Christmas card folders (that’s right, I save all the ones I receive every year).

So to you and yours: a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And may the Spruce be with you.


I’m As Free As My Hair

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Guys, I have a confession to make.

It has officially been over a year since I had a haircut.

I know, it’s mortifying. But living on an island doesn’t make this exactly easy. You see, I’ve exclusively been seeing my friend Ryan (currently at Wicked Salon and Spa) for the last twelve years to handle my various shades of golden locks, and that’s a relationship built on friendship, trust, and complete and utter (sometimes brutal) honesty.


And that is a bond that cannot be broken, not even with an ocean trying to keep you apart. I read somewhere that people care more about having a hairstylist they trust than a primary care position. I mean, doctors come and go, but a good colorist? That’s forever.

Ryan and I met sophomore year of high school in Intro to Journalism class. I knew we were meant to be friends when he chose “Christina vs. Britney” as his editorial assignment. It took some persistence on my part, but we finally bonded, and even ended up as prom dates. Needless to say, between the two of us, we’ve had more than a few looks over the years:


And of course, he created my most important look of all:


(And if that weren’t enough, he also did every single one of my bridesmaids hair and makeup. Did I mention he’s amazing?)

So even though I moved to Nantucket over two years ago, my hair has not been touched by any hands but his. I take that back – I have had regular demineralizing treatments due to the fact that island water turns my hair green. But cut and color? I only have strands for Ryan.

Believe it or not, prices on Nantucket are so outrageous, that I’m convinced it is still cheaper for me to take a boat back to America, drive to N.H., and get my hair cut and colored. Plus it gives me a chance to catch up with one of my oldest friends, and let’s be honest – that’s priceless.

But now, the time has come. I’m on my way up to another wedding (shocker!) in Vermont, so the salon is the perfect inbetween stop to break up the trip.

So because it has been over a full calendar year since a pair of shears have touched my hair, it’s safe to say I am in full-on crazy research mode. I have been scouring Pinterest, looking for the perfect cut and color to get me through potentially another hair drought.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos for today’s hair event (yes, that is what it has become).

Hair inspo

(Note: The ladies on the top are cut inspiration only, not color.)

I’m looking for something a little shorter and lighter (in weight). Since it’s been so long, there is a split-end party happening south of my shoulders, so I’m thinking a bunch of that needs to come off. I’m hoping to work a bit more with my natural hair texture (slightly wavy, but not really) and have a little more bounce and volume.

I’m still debating on color, and probably will do so all the way up to New Hampshire. I’ve never been a fan of my natural color (it’s a bit dull), but since I’ve let almost all of it grow out, I’m shocked at how many compliments I’ve gotten on my real hair color, which is kind of a inbetween-ish “bronde.”

My ultimate favorie inspo photo is this:


See? Just a hint of highlight, but with a slightly more “lived-in” color (at least, that’s what it’s called on Pinterest. Apparently that’s in, in addition to balayage, tortoise shell, and a bunch of other words that don’t translate to any color in my eyes).

At this point, it doesn’t really matter what I do. Because anything is an improvement of this:


#Iwokeuplikethis (literally – that’s me this morning)

So if you guys need me, this is where I’ll be for the next three hours. Follow me on Instagram and now Snapchat (!!!) at @legallylinz, where I’m sure I’ll be documenting the process.


Straggly yours,



Update: Multiple people have asked me for an update now that The Cut has happened, so I wanted to share a quick photo of the finished product:


Obviously, the look isn’t complete without ginormous sunnies.

I thought Ryan was going to encourage me not to go so short, but he saw my post before I even got the salon and told me he thought my favorite inspiration photo was perfect and that we should do it. Before I even had a chance to process (plus I was a little under the influence from the ginormous glass of white zinfandel I was offered as I walked in the door) I felt the first cut at the back of my neck. We also decided to do a little bit lighter towards the ends, but keep my natural root color and just slightly blend it all together, which Ryan did perfectly with this new hair color that was so new he hadn’t tried it on anyone else (which I only found out after we were finished).

I am beyond thrilled with how it all came out – I haven’t had hair this short in years and I can’t believe how much I love it. If you’re in the southern New Hampshire area (and even if you’re not, trust me, it’s worth the drive/boat ride), go see Ryan at Wicked Salon & Spa in Goffstown. I’m hoping to do some upcoming posts more at length in the future some short-hair stylings (maybe another vlog is in our future!), but for now, let’s all just back in the glow of freshly-done hair and thank the Lord for our stylists and their miracle fingers.

It’s a Nice Year for Several White Weddings

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Whoa. How did that happen? I swear it was like a week ago that I was still scraping snow off my car, and now it’s the middle of July. There’s less than half a month until my 30th birthday (sidenote: WTF) and only like six weeks left until the Range Rover fleet begins their annual escape off of the island, like geese heading south for the winter. So I have to shake my head in wonder and say again… how did this happen?

Oh wait, I remember. From mid-April to the last weekend in June, I had plans every single weekend. And since I live on an island thirty miles out to sea, I think all but one involved traveling to some exotic locales. You know, like Vermont.

2015 has been the year of weddings for us. With that, also comes the year of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bridesmaid dresses and travel. Seriously, if the Steamship Authority had a punch card like they do at frozen yogurt places, I would be able to travel for free probably for the rest of the year. When I heard that #SCOTUS had made gay marriage legal in all fifty states, the very first thing that popped into my head was: Dear God, I cannot go to another wedding.

I’m really not trying to complain. I was so, so happy that I could be a part of all of these special moments for my friends. I feel so lucky to finally have a job where I don’t miss major life events because I can only pick two weekends off in a six-week period. If anything, I’m more just trying to justify my severe hiatus from blogging as of late.

I always thought that the reason I was so inconsistent with my favorite hobby was my irregular schedule. Some days I worked early, some days I didn’t go in until noon, other times crushing the dreams of nine-year old children by telling them that no, Samantha is no longer available was just so emotionally taxing that my brain turned into goo by the end of the day. I always thought that if I worked in a different field, I would come home and write every evening, schedule posts on the weekend, things like that. But in getting the chance to have a life, I discovered that the more time you spend living that life, the less time you spend writing about it. But if you didn’t go out and live it, you’d have nothing to write about anyway, so it’s kind of a chicken/egg situation.

I guess you could say we were definitely “living” this year. We went through a similar time period in 2011, the same year we got married. I remember having a wedding (either as a guest or working) every weekend for six weeks straight, much to the horror of my manager. That was the wave of those of us that were crazy enough… I mean so in love… to get married at age twenty-five. Well now that we’re turning thirty, it’s more a wave of the tidal variety. And frankly, I can’t complain. And I couldn’t say no. You know how there’s some invites you get in the mail and you don’t feel bad about having to RSVP “we’re celebrating from afar!”? All of the people getting married this year just happen to be some of our closest friends in our lives. And again, that just makes you want to be a part of all of it that much more.

So you could say it was quite an eventful year, and it’s only halfway through. I’m still not sure how we made it this far, because amidst all of this, we also have full-time jobs, additional side hustles, and one very high-maintenance pup. But I wouldn’t change any of it (I mean, if I had my way, maybe spread it out a little bit) because to be there for these people during such momentous occasions in their lives – how could anyone be annoyed about that? When we got married almost five years ago, all of these people did the exact same things for us. It’s an honor to have friends like this, people in your life that want you to be there with them when they hit these kinds of milestones.

So thank you. Thank you to all the people that asked us to be a part of their journeys. Thank you to the bosses who allowed us to take time off and the coworkers that covered for us when we weren’t there. Thank you to our family members who dogsat and didn’t get upset (at least, not to our faces) when we had to miss things like a Father’s Day meal. And thank you to the Steamship Authority and Hyline Cruises, for only cancelling one of our boats (which, thank God, was a return trip).

And since I’m so backlogged on photos at this point that there will never be enough time to give any of these events individual posts, here’s a brief recap of the past few months:

First, there was Michelle’s bridal shower in New Hampshire. Michelle and I have been friends since sixth grade when my locker was on top of hers, and she helped me when I couldn’t figure out the combination lock even though I was a real brat about it:

Michelle's Shower

Next, my best college friend Alisa’s bachelorette weekend in Portsmouth, N.H. I’ve known Alisa since I transferred to Plymouth State University (almost ten years ago!), and Steve has actually known her even longer. We were both in the wedding:

Alisa's Bachelorette

This photo brought to you by a selfie stick (P.S. I WANT ONE). The following weekend? Alisa’s shower in Andover, MA.

Alisa Shower

Which I left and immediately drove to Portsmouth, N.H. once again for… Michelle’s bachelorette party:

MIchelle's Bachelorette

The next day, I got in my car and drove to Boston for Bridget + Ted’s engagement photos. The next weekend, we actually stayed on-island for the Nantucket Daffodil Festival, where I had my first hosting gig with the local television station, NCTV.


By some miracle, we were on-island two weekends in a row. But the wedding festivities didn’t stop there, as the following weekend was my boss Marjan’s bridal shower:

Marjan's Shower

After that, things really kicked into high gear. The next weekend, Michelle + Adam got married in Chichester, N.H.:

Michelle's Wedding

Thus completing our quadfecta (which may or may not be an official mathematical term) of the same photo me and my core middle school friends (Crystal, Megan and Michelle) that we have taken at each of our weddings:


Luckily, Michelle’s wedding was on a Friday, because the following day, my sister Becky graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with her Master’s degree:

Becky's Graduation

I felt bad, because the week following this was Steve’s 30th birthday, which sort of got overshadowed by everything we had going on. But since he tells me every year that he “just wants to be left alone” for his gift, we had just a few low-key gatherings, both on and off-island, sandwiched in between events (and my second appearance with NCTV). We left on Saturday morning to head to New Hampshire once again for Steve’s brother Anthony’s undergraduate commencement from Saint Anselm’s:

Anthony's Graduation

(Which I can only describe as sitting on the face of the sun. Seriously, it was the hottest day I can recall this year and it was May.)

After that, it was onto Alisa + Kevin’s wedding on Memorial Day weekend in Portland, Maine:

Alisa's Wedding

(Steve was in the wedding too, but of all the photos I took that weekend, there is not one of both of us together with the bride. Whoops!)

The weekend after, I made another excursion to New Hampshire for my oldest friend Hannah’s bridal shower, whose wedding I’m the maid of honor in this August:

Hannah's Shower

The next weekend, Steve and I were on the road again, headed to Stowe, Vermont for Liz + Tommy’s wedding. Liz and I were roommates in Cambridge before we decided to live with boys – we met as the oldest interns at The Improper Bostonian (we had both already graduated college):

Liz's Wedding

After that, a weekend off! We stayed on island, rested up, and reminded Schooner that we existed and that yes, we still loved him. But then the following weekend… Marjan + Andy got married (on-island, and at the museum that we all work at):

Marjan's Wedding

And yes, it was less than a month later but I recycled my bridesmaid dress from Alisa’s wedding. It has pockets – need I say more?

The next weekend was the last event of the “season,” Hannah’s bachelorette party in New York City. I took my first direct JetBlue flight from ACK->JFK, which overall was a good experience until my returning flight got cancelled after I sat in the airport for seven hours. I guess you’re not a true Nantucketer if you haven’t had a plane cancelled due to fog:

Hannah's Bachelorette

And just like that, it was the Fourth of July. I don’t know if you’re as exhausted reading this as I am reliving it, but if you had any questions about how M.I.A. I’ve been, well, there you have it. But you know what? I have the rest of my life to blog. Right now, I’m going to bask in these joyous moments with my friends and family, and worry about things like laundry and packing (oh, did I mention that we’re moving? More on that another time) and vacuuming my car and all the other parts of my life that have been neglected recently some other time.

I have three weddings left this year, two of which I’m photographing/attending, and one that I’m maid of honor in. I’m very excited for all of them, but I can also see the end in sight. In my head, I’m hoping that Steve and I can escape somewhere in the fall, just the two of us, and recoup a little bit. As long as it doesn’t cost any money, amirite? Unless I can pay for it in gently-used bridesmaid dresses.

Until then,


Surprise Me, Kate

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Oh, Kate Spade. Why do you do this to me? There’s probably no greater delight than getting one of your “surprise sale” emails in my inbox. Some have a plethora of adorable goods, some are just filled with obviously leftover merch that hasn’t hit the outlets yet. I usually covet at least two or three things, but this one is a real doozy. There’s so many things I’ve always wanted that are now on sale! In fact, they’re so cheap that some of the stuff I saw that I liked yesterday is already gone. Which is probably beneficial to me, since I’m not drowning in disposable funds right now. Plus my accessories collection could use a bit of simplifying. My current process is that I go through my entire closet, determined to get rid of things, and after trying everything on and realizing I have an emotional attachment to literally every item I own, I put approximately three things in a bag to donate. So there’s that.

Anyway, back to the sale! If I was going to partake, these are a few of the goodies I would add to my cart:

Kate Spade Collage

bonjour clutch / cove street airel / lemon street gwen camera bag / all aboard pouch / anchors away bracelet / ta da! studs

I think the earrings are my favorite (they’re only $19!!!). They’ve been in and out of previous sales, and I think I suffer from sort of opposite buyer’s remorse every time I don’t purchase them.

The surprise sale ends Thursday at midnight, so I recommend you stop everything you’re doing and start shopping. If you want to throw in a pair of studs for me, I wouldn’t hate it.


Please Don’t Knock It Until You Ride It

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Today, at age twenty seven, I took my first real train ride. And no, the Commuter Rail doesn’t count. Sorry, MBTA.

I haven’t been to New York City in over three years. so when I found out that my surrogate little brother landed the male lead in my favorite musical (I’ll give you one guess of what that could be), I knew I had to be there. Unfortunately, I would have to take this trip solo as it was the same weekend as the biannual Christmas recital, and Steve plays the very important role of sound engineer. Or Caroler #2, I forget.

But hey, it’s 2012, and if a gal can’t take a train by herself… wait, that actually sounds more like 1912. Whatevs.

I would describe the feeling as nervous excitement. Kinda like how I felt in anticipation of the season premiere of Glee this year. Like you want so bad for it to be good but you have this slight fear that it won’t.

Of course my dreams were dashed when upon arrival at the Providence Amtrak station, there was not a parking spot in sight. In my spirit of independence, I assured Steve that I could walk into the station and find the train myself. I’m assuming it looked like a large steel contraption on top of a track, and that perhaps there would even be a sign dictating: “train-> this way.”

“No,” he said firmly. “I am not just going to leave you here,” as if I was on the edge of a cliff and not at the world’s smallest transportation center. I couldn’t decide if I was flattered that he wanted to spend every last second with me before I departed for the weekend or if I was offended that he didn’t trust that I could find the one train heading to New York in a station that boasted a facility with only five tracks.

After almost breaking my thumb with the car door, I raced into the station expecting to see a scene from an old movie. Since I’ve never been on a train before, I can only rely on what information I have retained from pop culture. And let me tell you, this was no “Some Like It Hot” scenario. Despite it being all of 7:15 pm, the place was practically shut down. Not knowing what to do with myself, I went to the ticket counter, figuring I would need an actual ticket and not the crappy piece of paper that I almost forgot to print.

“No ma’am, that’s your ticket,” said the counter guy. “They scan it on the train.”

This?! This was my ticket? I was expecting at least the density of a movie stub. And who was he referring to as “ma’am?!” I slunk into one of the booths next to twenty five other people whose faces read “if you speak to me , I will steal your tiny pink suitcase and beat you with it.” Ok so it wasn’t that intense, but these other travelers were obviously in a far less indulgent train experience fantasy than I.

Steve somehow found a spot and dashed inside to bid me adieu. I think everyone thought we were star crossed lovers, clinging to each other knowing this would be the last time we ever saw each other. Or I just concocted that scenario in my head and no one gave it a second thought that we even existed.

At the platform I began to wonder what awaited me on this magical ride.
Me: Is it going to look like those trains on Hell on Wheels?
Steve: What?! No. Nobody used steam locomotives anymore.
Me: Do you think there will be more or less impromptu singing than in “White Christmas?” Because I really don’t have anything prepared.
Steve: You are embarrassing.

I quickly discovered getting on a train is no fun because you have to play the “can I sit with you, pretty please?” game with a whole bunch of strangers who have no idea what a blast you really are. It’s like not getting picked in gym class over and over and over again. How is it that adults that spend an entire ride simultaneously using their iPhones/iPad/laptops/old fashioned paper reading devices need to act so horribly inconvenienced by your presence? I’m sorry that Amtrak didn’t half sell the seats so your pea coat and water bottle could have their own spot. And let me tell you, you could do a lot worse than me for a seat buddy, because I don’t smell and I bring extra magazines.

After nearing the end of the car and fearing the embarrassment of having to turn back and beg for a spot next to someone that had already given me the stink eye, I zeroed in on a girl that looked exactly like me. To my delight, she let me sit and we spent the rest of ride in polite silence, except when I offered to get her something from the cafe car, because I figured it would be a good incentive for her not to steal any of my stuff.

After chowing down on a $6 microwave Digiorno personal pan pizza minus the pan (unless your pans are made out of cardboard), I settled in and tried not to fall asleep. I don’t know what I was more afraid of- missing the stop and taking an accidental train ride to Florida (if that is even possible) or someone snatching up all my earthly possessions- i.e. my iPhone, new Entertainment Weekly and a pair of techno texting gloves.

All in all, my experience on the train was lackluster at best, if only because there was so little entertainment. I mean, where’s Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag when you need them?!

Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be hilarious tales of my NYC weekend adventure. Because if I had this much to say about a single train ride, imagine what it will be like when I actually have something to do.