Call Me, Maybe

Written by Lindsay Scouras

One of my Christmas gifts to myself over the holiday break (can you still call it that when you’re thirty?) was a new rose gold iPhone 6. I had been waiting with bated breathe for my upgrade, not because I’m so desperate for new technology but because I basically no longer had a wireless device with how often I had to be plugged into the wall. I know that iPhones aren’t known for their battery life (but have a pencil, so let’s count our blessings, right? #priorities), but now having a charge for more than a day is absolutely thrilling. It’s the little things really.

Unfortunately my new hardware cannot be celebrated in the true manner¬†in which it should be because I’m currently sporting a plain black Speck case that depresses me every time I pull it out of my purse. I mean, a cell phone case says a lot about a person, and it’s literally the only accessory that is with you every single day. So clearly, attention must be paid.

I’ve been scouring the internet for cases since I came home and cannot pick just one. I swear I want to buy them all so I can change them depending on my mood. Since that’s completely impractical, the next best thing seemed to be to put it to the internet for a vote.

Phone Collage

(l to r) beyonce/kate spade camera/gray malin/confetti/i am very busy/glitter & gold/cocoa & hearts/sparkles/glitter is my favorite

Things I’m considering:

  • Like I said, I’m thirty. I have always loved fun novelty cases (which is why I’ve pretty much had exclusively Kate Spade ones since I made the switch to an iPhone), but given how much I used my phone at work, certain images may not be as appropriate as they once were. That being said, I’m not dead, so a few fun phrases snuck in there.
  • The rose gold is a really nice, soft pink shade, but with most cases, you’ll never see it. I tried to find a few clear options to showcase the new color.


So which is your favorite? Leave your vote in the comments, because I certainly can’t make this very important decision alone.


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  1. Novelty cases are amazing! My case is an indestructible OtterBox that I decorated with emoji stickers (#30isthenew13) but I love your selection here- it’s hard to pick a favorite!

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