Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I know I’ve said it before, but… is this winter over yet? While some New Englanders are dreaming of skipping off to a warmer climate, I’m just looking for new ways to keep the chill out. It doesn’t hurt to be stylish about it though, which is why I put together a little inspiration board of some things I think could help me beat the (lack of) heat. I love color, but for some reason I’ve been really into gray lately, perhaps something to do with my place of residence. After all, they don’t call Nantucket the Grey Lady for nothing. So since I’m home today due to yet another snow day (not complaining, just setting the scene), here’s a few things I found that satisfy my current longing for cute and cozy comfort during this never-ending snow-pocalypse.


Striped cashmere throw: As much as I love my quilt made out of middle school t-shirts, someday I would maybe like to upgrade to a more grown-up blanket, at least to display on my couch. I love these striped throws and the thought of them being made of cashmere makes me feel snugglier already. This assortment of colors from Parachute (a bedding company) all look like they would be the perfect neutrals that would match any decor, especially my nautical bedroom.

Pompom hat: I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been dying for one of the oversized pompom hats. I don’t even wear hats that often (I mean, for the amount of time I spend on my hair, it just seems futile). Of course it helps that it’s warm, but something about a giant fluff ball on your head that makes it seem like you’re taking this whole “winter” thing in stride.

Long distance mugs: Alright, I know that I don’t drink coffee and these are probably more appropriate for a couple with a further distance between them than New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but I just love this little set of mugs from Etsy. I think they would make the perfect gift for a bridal shower or something, or for me to just consume massive amounts of hot cocoa on my couch for the days when I don’t want to venture downtown.

Knit slippers: I know these are really expensive for something that goes on your feet and is pretty much never seen by another human, but I got my Ugg slippers a few years ago after Steve literally threw my old grungy pair out in the snow (seriously, they had seen better days) and I’ve never looked back. I think these little sweater ones are so cute and I’m serious when I say that your feet will never be as warm as they are in these babies.

V-neck sweater: I don’t know how many oversized gray shirts I have already purchased, but I can never shake the feeling that I need four more. Seriously, I think I have a problem. I just love having something to wear with my leggings that covers my butt, to be quite honest. My favorite weekend outfit as of late is one of these style shirts, Lululemon fitted yoga pants that have never seen the inside of a gym or sweat, riding boots and a fun scarf. Done and done.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: I have quite an extensive “To Read” list on GoodReads right now, but this seems like one of those that you could cuddle up under a blanket and start and finish in a manner of one snow day. I’ve read good reviews, and every blogger I follow seems to be reading it in their book club right now. Maybe I can convince mine to try this one next month, but I’m hoping to get to it before then.

Thick socks: This winter especially I have felt like none of my socks are truly warm enough. I find myself having to wear two pairs more often than not and then I can’t bend my ankles when I drive, so I would love some more overall thick pairs. I also like wearing this socks like this sometimes instead of slippers – gives you a little more mobility and who doesn’t love doing a little slip and slide across the floor ever now and then?

Ribbed cowl scarf: Is it just me, or are infinity scarves like one of the greatest inventions of our time? Okay, fine, I’m sure there’s lots of other more important creations out there, but I can’t think of any of them because I’m still so obsessed with these connected scarf contraptions. I mean, talk about the seconds wasted on tying scarves everyday, yeesh. But seriously, these are super-cute, they come in multiple colors and they’re on sale!

What are you guys doing to keep cozy and cute during this ever ending snow-maggedon? Blanket forts? Fun socks? Just not even getting out of bed anymore? (I’m almost there.) Let me know!

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