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Hello, Internet. I’m Lindsay.


Lindz Look About Me


I started blogging in 2008 and I was pretty terrible at it. Like one post a year terrible. For the full story of how I got started, check out this post. But I got a little better. At least, I’d like to think so. I started writing more and I met some super cool people who like to broadcast their thoughts to the free world too.


I spent years working in the insane world of upscale children’s retail, then the nonprofit world (on an island of all places), and now I work in marketing for a wedding venue. Dreams really do come true.


I used to have to wear black to work every day. Now I can wear whatever I want, so I take selfies in the mirror at the end of the day to reflect on the fact that I am now allowed to dress myself.


I am the daughter of a wedding photographer and a cook. So far I have only learned one of those skills. Also the proud sister of a pageant queen who really does want world peace.


When I was twenty I met a great guy in college. For some reason, he stuck around and even asked me to hang out with him forever. He now tolerates me writing about our life, and provides me much of my content (plus I owe full credit to him for making this site a reality).


I love TV. I know you’re not supposed to say that, but I do. I also love movies, magazines, commercials- basically anything with famous people that I can talk about. Award show season is my Superbowl and Olympics rolled into one, but with better outfits. Basically, I just want to tell you stories about what happens in my life. Sometimes that revolves around bargain hunting, eating too much cheese, and trying to find something to say that hasn’t already been said about the Kardashians. If that’s cool, then we’re going to be friends.




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