What Time is It?

Written by Lindsay Scouras

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Let me start off this post by saying that if you came here for one of my usual Golden Globes fashion recaps, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Here’s the thing: I love talking about what everyone wore the day after a big event like this. I have a tendency to have… let’s say, strong reactions to celebrity ensembles pretty immediately, which means that awards season has always brought me a great deal of joy. For me, it’s never been about making fun of people (I honestly don’t ever try to intentionally be mean, although you may disagree if you follow me on Twitter), it’s more about the conversation that it invokes and the little girl in me that just really still wants to dress up.

But this year is obviously different, and therefore, this post is different. It didn’t feel right to sit here after witnessing such a powerful display of support at the Golden Globes from so many different women (and a few men, although not as many as I would have hoped) on Sunday night and then mock someone for choosing what I believe the wrong shoe. And I will say it again: I love fashion, and I love talking about fashion and why someone chose to wear what they did, and how they wear them, things like that. I also don’t believe that you have to choose to either enjoy talking about clothes or what’s inside a woman’s brain – it is possible to appreciate both.

That’s why one of my favorite blogs is Go Fug Yourself, written by two women that I find to be so smart and witty, and who are able to comment on what celebrities are wearing without being vicious. This interview with them prior to the Golden Globes I think really captures my feelings much more eloquently than I can.


“The idea that being interested in clothing is somehow anti-woman is absurd to me. Men are allowed to be interested in all kinds of things which are patently unserious without it becoming a debate on whether or not their hobby is letting down their gender; fashion is an art form, and the red carpet is often where it gets the greatest amount of exposure to the masses.”

– Jessica Morgan, Go Fug Yourself


So as much as I want to sit back and talk about why Dakota Johnson looks like she doesn’t wash her hair or how Reese always kills it (except for that teal number last year at the Emmys, I literally could not), I also believe that this year, it’s time to do things a bit differently. It’s time to look, but then actually listen to the stories that people are telling and understand where they’re coming from.

So for my 2018 Golden Globes fashion recap, I have chosen to highlight some of the ensembles that I particularly enjoyed, which as you may know was a real stretch for me because of my aversion to wearing all black (my friend Molly literally texted me before the red carpet asking me how angry I was about it). Yes, I may be scarred from working in retail and being forbidden to ever come within ten feet of a pattern, but I’ll let it slide this year for the cause.

I actually think the color restriction made for kind of an interesting red carpet, because as we all know, and LBD is the most versatile thing a woman can wear. It’s one of the few looks that works for everyone but you can also truly make it your own. Also the jewelry designers and makeup artists came to play for this evening, given that these were some of the extra elements you could add to stand out a bit in a sea of black. Check out my own personal squad of women that I thought brought it, while also being totally respectful of the movement:


So thank you ladies, for being so inspiring and thoughtful and well spoken and powerful and just all around amazing, even with a wardrobe constraint. I’m not saying I would mind if we chose maybe another color for the next one (I haven’t heard any definitive plans on if this was for the entire season or just this particular event), but regardless, I will rally behind you with bells and whistles on.

Oh, and also, Time’s Up.

Peace, love, & fashion,


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