What Time is It?

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Times Up - Golden Globesvia

Let me start off this post by saying that if you came here for one of my usual Golden Globes fashion recaps, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Here’s the thing: I love talking about what everyone wore the day after a big event like this. I have a tendency to have… let’s say, strong reactions to celebrity ensembles pretty immediately, which means that awards season has always brought me a great deal of joy. For me, it’s never been about making fun of people (I honestly don’t ever try to intentionally be mean, although you may disagree if you follow me on Twitter), it’s more about the conversation that it invokes and the little girl in me that just really still wants to dress up.

But this year is obviously different, and therefore, this post is different. It didn’t feel right to sit here after witnessing such a powerful display of support at the Golden Globes from so many different women (and a few men, although not as many as I would have hoped) on Sunday night and then mock someone for choosing what I believe the wrong shoe. And I will say it again: I love fashion, and I love talking about fashion and why someone chose to wear what they did, and how they wear them, things like that. I also don’t believe that you have to choose to either enjoy talking about clothes or what’s inside a woman’s brain – it is possible to appreciate both.

That’s why one of my favorite blogs is Go Fug Yourself, written by two women that I find to be so smart and witty, and who are able to comment on what celebrities are wearing without being vicious. This interview with them prior to the Golden Globes I think really captures my feelings much more eloquently than I can.


“The idea that being interested in clothing is somehow anti-woman is absurd to me. Men are allowed to be interested in all kinds of things which are patently unserious without it becoming a debate on whether or not their hobby is letting down their gender; fashion is an art form, and the red carpet is often where it gets the greatest amount of exposure to the masses.”

– Jessica Morgan, Go Fug Yourself


So as much as I want to sit back and talk about why Dakota Johnson looks like she doesn’t wash her hair or how Reese always kills it (except for that teal number last year at the Emmys, I literally could not), I also believe that this year, it’s time to do things a bit differently. It’s time to look, but then actually listen to the stories that people are telling and understand where they’re coming from.

So for my 2018 Golden Globes fashion recap, I have chosen to highlight some of the ensembles that I particularly enjoyed, which as you may know was a real stretch for me because of my aversion to wearing all black (my friend Molly literally texted me before the red carpet asking me how angry I was about it). Yes, I may be scarred from working in retail and being forbidden to ever come within ten feet of a pattern, but I’ll let it slide this year for the cause.

I actually think the color restriction made for kind of an interesting red carpet, because as we all know, and LBD is the most versatile thing a woman can wear. It’s one of the few looks that works for everyone but you can also truly make it your own. Also the jewelry designers and makeup artists came to play for this evening, given that these were some of the extra elements you could add to stand out a bit in a sea of black. Check out my own personal squad of women that I thought brought it, while also being totally respectful of the movement:


So thank you ladies, for being so inspiring and thoughtful and well spoken and powerful and just all around amazing, even with a wardrobe constraint. I’m not saying I would mind if we chose maybe another color for the next one (I haven’t heard any definitive plans on if this was for the entire season or just this particular event), but regardless, I will rally behind you with bells and whistles on.

Oh, and also, Time’s Up.

Peace, love, & fashion,


I Don’t Even KNOW Half These People*

Written by Lindsay Scouras

*A small homage to what is possibly one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time.

Lindsays Look - Christmas Card 1

It’s January 5! I know what you’re thinking – haven’t bloggers been posting holiday content since Halloween? I meant to get this post up just before Christmas, but the problem with that was I barely had my cards in the mail by December 25. Just not on my holiday correspondence game this year, you guys. Between moving off-island and seeing my husband pretty much only on weekends (and spending said weekends house hunting), not only did I not have a chance to schedule a festive family photo shoot for all of us, but I was just completely out of ideas this year for a theme. Unfortunately, we can’t always have the perfect concept that just comes to us out of nowhere one day and seamlessly fits into the pop culture ether a la 2015.

If you haven’t heard, Christmas cards are kind of a thing for me. For us. A staple of my childhood (and also, my adulthood). Years ago, I wrote a series of posts going through my family’s long history of holiday photo shoots, including a card deemed “inappropriate” by my grandmother and a special edition megacard for the 20th anniversary of our annual Christmas cards. Since Steve and I have been together, we have strived for the same level of festive excellence. I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far, none of which has been recorded on the internet because I have yet to digitally archive our own collection of holiday greetings. I’ll get around to it at some point (maybe for our own ten-year anniversary of sending Christmas cards – is that a thing?).

I was feeling a little down in the holiday dumps this year, especially once I ended up with a terrible cold mid-December. I was supposed to go to Nantucket and help Steve pack our apartment, and I figured while I was there I would enjoy a little bit of the classic Christmas spirit that the island does so well. Unfortunately I was so sick, I ended up staying at my in-laws in my pajamas and feeling sorry for myself. The most festive thing I did was watching the worst of the worst of Hallmark movies. Finally, after more than two days of the cold from hell, I came to my senses (maybe it was all the made-for-TV-movie inspiration) and decided I had to figure out our holiday card immediately (keep in mind it was December 17). But since I had no photo or witty tagline, I was kind of stuck.

One idea I had in my mind as a backup was to incorporate a painting that I had done of Schooner earlier this year by the uber-talented Meredith Hanson. Honestly, she is just about the sweetest human I have ever met, and like I said, so gifted in the art department. I had been following her on Instagram for awhile before I asked her to create a special picture done of Schoon for Steve’s birthday. We’ve been together for over twelve years now, and after a while, there are just only so many gifts you can get each other. This seemed like something way more personal that wasn’t just a “thing,” it’s something we can display in our home someday (and luckily, Steve temporarily loaned it to me to take with me to the mainland for when I was missing the little furry guy).

Lindsays Look - Schooner Painting

I decided for the sake of space to leave the boots out of this particular card, as that was more of an ode to Steve and his love of all things L.L. Bean. Luckily she had scanned it before framing, so when I reached out to her for a copy it was as easy at plunking the image in Photoshop, writing out a little message, and done.

Well not done done, of course, because it wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little drama. I could not figure out for the life of me where to get these suckers printed. I’ve used Snapfish in the past, and Vistaprint as well, but it was so late in the season that even with expedited shipping, I wasn’t going to get them until December 21 at the earliest. I know some of those companies will do a pickup in the store situation, but all the ones I researched would only print it on photo paper and I wanted something with a heavier weight to it (I know, beggars can’t be choosers, I get it).

After posting about my conundrum on my Insta story, low and behold, the internet came through. I don’t care what Steve says, they are my real friends! Multiple people responded to my story and said I should look into Staples which I was kind of like ehhh I don’t know… and then one special follower alerted me that there was a Groupon deal online for printing holiday cards there and I ended up getting 100 cards for $25. I don’t think even with all the deals I’ve done with Snapfish over the years have I ever gotten my cards for that cheap. I’ve always spent at least $75 and that’s not including stamps (and yes, I’m aware that it is crazy that I still send out one hundred cards, and you know what? I don’t care).

So I dragged myself off the couch and away from the television, shoved a few cough drops in my purse, and headed over to Staples with a flash drive and a dream (and tried not to touch anything). And that dream came true just four hours later – no shipping charges or time wasted. The paper wasn’t as heavy as I normally like to get, but it was definitely a step up from photo paper (and again, BEGGING). I sat down and banged out the first twenty-five or so that night, and each evening when I got home from work just addressed a few more, and then another couple, and eventually I was done!

Lindsay's Look - Christmas Card 2

And yes, I picked up a couple of metallic Sharpies for good measure. Also I couldn’t resist the new Hanson Christmas CD – their first one is SO GOOD (this one is okay).

As for the text? I literally Googled “holiday pet cards” and wrote down every tagline I liked, eventually picking the one that made Steve wince with embarrassment the least. “Paws & Enjoy the Season” was cute, but not predictably so, and just a general reminder that even though things aren’t perfect, and sometimes, you’re living in your husband’s high school bedroom amongst racks of your clothes while an ocean divides you from your two best guys and your future is completely uncertain, but there’s still good things out there in world and maybe you’re just too focused on what’s not going right to see them.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse to put a picture of a cute pup on something, I don’t know. Whatever it is, I’m happy with how they came out considering how rushed they were, and trust me – I am channeling all of this very important energy into next year’s edition.

Lindsay's Look - Christmas Card 3

A little disclaimer to everyone that received this card – I didn’t write anything on the back. Like not one personal message, not even to my parents. I was just so behind with getting them out, that I knew if I took the time to put something on each one, I would never get them done.

This holiday season just kind of reaffirmed for me that I was so ready for 2017 to be over. It definitely felt like a more stressful December than I’ve experienced in a while, and I am just really looking forward to the fresh start that a new year brings. Hopefully in December 2018, I’ll be writing this post from a home with a gargantuan tree and the most festive (but tasteful) holiday decor you ever did see.

Until then,


Comfy Cozy are We

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I’m the first to admit that I’m not what you call… outdoorsy. I think I was the only person at Plymouth State who had never skied before (and I grew up in New Hampshire). As a result of my rather girlish upbringing, I was never a flannel gal, although my mother frequently dressed us in plaid (I believe there is a photo of my debut and consequent retirement from modeling at a 1994 Walmart back-to-school fashion show that proves this swimmingly, in which I took to the runway in a matching plaid vest and skirt set, most likely meant for one of those home-schooled jungle freaks).

I don’t think I even stepped foot into an L.L. Bean store until I was an adult and needed actual boots, both of the rain and snow variety. Also once I met my bearded, pine-tree loving lumberjack of a husband it was all over – I had to give in to the call of the fuzzy flannels.

Lindzlook - Flannel 1

I bought my first “real” flannel last year (apparently the fake ones I got at Marshalls don’t count). I didn’t even have one the year of our first infamous humongo Christmas tree – I had to borrow one from my friend Sarah because I assumed I would never ever wear it again. Cut to a couple years later, and between the world of blogging and the resurgence of L.L. Bean (I know everyone’s been shopping there for years for high-quality outdoor wear, but let’s be honest – it’s not until the Bean boots started selling out every year that the words “L.L. Bean” and “fashion” could be used in the same sentence.

Lindzlook - Flannel 2

I debated over the color, fit, and style of my potential flannel purchase for a unnecessary length of time and finally settled on the Relaxed Scotch Plaid shirt in the Prince Charles Edward color – the perfect shade of holiday red (I’m kind of wanting the Stewart Victoria one too…). I actually ordered both the regular and the petite so that I could decide which fit I liked best. Even though I’m small on top, I ended up with the regular flannel because the only difference I saw was it was about half an inch longer than the petite. I like my shirts a bit long, I prefer when they cover my butt as much as possible (too-long sleeves on the other hand? Major pet peeve). Steve has the L.L. Bean credit card, so you get free shipping and free returns, which makes it super-convenient if you’re like me and can only make up your mind after trying things on in person.

Lindzlook - Flannel 3

It’s safe to say that my plaid obsession is now on overload. Literally over half of my Christmas list features a tartan print. And it is just the best pattern to wear around the holidays. I wear this shirt all the time – I have sported it at work, for Christmas parties, in last year’s holiday card… I can’t stop. I have a problem. I especially enjoy dressing it up with sparkly jewelry, as seen here, or pairing it with a fun skirt and tights. And Steve? Well, he has at least 17 more flannels than I do and he pretty much wears them all the same, with jeans, Bean boots, a puffy vest, and a knit hat (it’s a real departure from his wardrobe the rest of the year – jeans, boat shoes, a t-shirts, and a baseball hat).

LindzLook - Flannel 5via

Isn’t there some saying, the couple who wears Bean boots together stays together? No? (I would think it would be the state slogan in Maine or something.) My Bean boots were another purchase that I considered for a very long time, but I absolutely love the pair I ended up with. I have many more thoughts on selecting the right pair of Bean boots for yourself that I’m thinking of doing a whole separate post on. Steve’s are a special edition pair that aren’t available anymore (note the red soles… like Christian Louboutin, I always say).

LindzLook - Flannel 4

Thanks to Molly of Trust in Your Wanderlust for snapping these photos!

I’m Like Hey, What’s Up, Let’s Stroll

Written by Lindsay Scouras

LindzLook - Stroll 7

Guys, tomorrow is December 1. IT’S DECEMBER. I know people say something to that effect every single year, but seriously, 2017 – where you at? Maybe I shouldn’t complain. Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of telling us that this year was a dumpster fire and we’d all be a lot better off if it quietly showed itself out. But I’m not here to remind of us of the current state of things, instead for #ThrowbackThursday, I’m taking a little stroll down memory lane… literally.

If you caught up on my most recent post, you know that I am no longer residing on the island of Nantucket and instead now have planted my feet firmly in the continental U.S. (If you’re like hey girl, I have no idea what you’re talking about, you can read more about it here.) Even though it was totally the right decision and there is really is no good time to make a major life change like that, one of the things I will really miss about the island is Stroll Weekend, which happens to be starting in oh, less than 24 hours. In case you don’t know, Stroll is this amazing time of the year when the island is transformed into what can only be described as a Norman Rockwell painting, Hallmark Christmas movie, and an episode of Gilmore Girls on peppermint-flavored crack. It’s busy and amazing and expensive and the most festive thing you will ever experience in your life. Dare I say, it’s downright magical.

LindzLook - Stroll 2

Last year, my friend Molly and I (the social media-savvy lady seen above) decided to get up early before the crowds and hit downtown to fully experience Stroll before it becomes a madhouse of silly Christmas hats, off-islanders, and just sheer holiday madness. Despite the fact that both of us had lived on-island for a few years, we hadn’t really gotten to take it all in and we wanted to snap some photos of the scene.

LindzLook - Stroll 4

Ah, bloggers. Who else would indulge your need to take so many photos not looking at the camera? (If you don’t recall, Molly captured some amazing outfit photos for me last year, like this one and also these. I miss her so much since she moved back to the West Coast and I swear it’s not just because she takes awesome pics of me “looking at the ground” as Steve says of blog photoshoots.) Also in case you haven’t had enough of reading about people’s experiences moving off the island, Molly has a great post about it here too.

LindzLook - Stroll 5

Any good morning for us on Nantucket started at Petticoat Row. Between the sweets (the secret ingredient in everything? BUTTER), the proximity to our office, and the inviting interior, Petticoat was always like Visa – everywhere you wanted to be.

LindzLook - Stroll 6

With no real schedule for the day, we explored all the streets and storefronts with displays that I snapped not only to capture the moment, but to remember for any and all future homes I might be able to decorate. I mean, the window boxes at Greydon House are my kryptonite. This updated inn was across the street from my office, and I can’t tell you how many times I hung out in front of the building in all seasons, taking pictures of their most recent window displays when I was supposed to be checking my mail. Hey, if it’s good enough for AD… well then it’s probably way too good for me. But a girl can dream.

LindzLook - Stroll 40LindzLook - Stroll 10LindzLook - Stroll 7

I know, more window boxes. It’s worth mentioning that I don’t care for greenery or plants or anything that I have to keep alive without a pulse. But man, Nantucket changes you in a lot of ways, and for me? It made me want to have a green thumb (or, enough money to pay other people with those thumbs to do this for me).

LindzLook - Stroll 12LindzLook - Stroll 8LindzLook - Stroll 11LindzLook - Stroll 9

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good theme. One of my other favorite places on Nantucket, The Corner Table (I swear we did more than just eat) incorporated actual food into their outdoor decorations. FOOD. Get it? Because they’re a culinary center? I can’t, it’s just too good.

LindzLook - Stroll 14LindzLook - Stroll 13LindzLook - Stroll 15

Since my dog cannot be trusted to walk around downtown or wear accessories no matter how much I bribe him, I had to settle for getting a shot of this cutie instead.

LindzLook - Stroll 16

More Culinary Center goodness. Every year during Stroll, they have live free demos that just any ragamuffin off the street like me can walk in and watch (and more importantly, try the food). This is Sarah Leah Chase, who has a very well-known Nantucket cookbook that I have personally tried things from that she has made and oh my God is it like heaven in your mouth. I mean, not enough to make me actually want to cook anything, but enough to get me to show up at things when I hear she’s in town.

And how much was I coveting one of these N.TUC Marché bags depicting the story of Moby-Dick? (It doesn’t seem to be available anymore on their website but OHMYGOD THERE’S A DRESS VERSION.)

LindzLook - Stroll 17LindzLook - Stroll 18LindzLook - Stroll 19

I kid you not, I had basically no knowledge of Jeep Wagoneers before I moved to Nantucket. Now of course I’m obsessed and I want one and I see them everywhere I go, like on these adorable ornaments at Vineyard Vines.

LindzLook - Stroll 20LindzLook - Stroll 21

Fun fact: My husband wired these lights at Beauty Counter on the wharf. All I got out of it was him yelling at me when he realized I was buying their lip balm that costs $10 a tube (but seriously, it is the best).

LindzLook - Stroll 22LindzLook - Stroll 23

Later we headed down to the Easy Street basin to see the annual Christmas tree floating in a tiny boat. For those of you on my Christmas card list, you may recognize this from our first year on Nantucket, as well as in pretty much any tourist’s photo during the month of December.

LindzLook - Stroll 24LindzLook - Stroll 25LindzLook - Stroll 26LindzLook - Stroll 27

It was there we stumbled upon a mother trying to capture a photo of her toddler on her iPhone for a Christmas card that he was having no part of. Molly helped distract him and I snapped a couple shots of him with my Canon and assured his mom that I would send them to her to use for her card. She thanked us by promising to send me a copy and taking the only photo of Molly and I together the entire day.

LindzLook - Stroll 28LindzLook - Stroll 29LindzLook - Stroll 30LindzLook - Stroll 31LindzLook - Stroll 32

I told you – craziness. This is literally how the streets look from the time when Santa is about to arrive until people head to their dinner reservations.

LindzLook - Stroll 33

Speaking of Santa, he arrives by boat with the Coast Guard, and it led up the wharf by an actual town crier. For those that think I say this in jest, see Exhibit A (above) and Exhibit B (below).

LindzLook - Stroll 34LindzLook - Stroll 35

I mean, after all that excitement, where does one go?

To a party in the back of bike shop, of course. (Again, I couldn’t make any of this up.)

LindzLook - Stroll 36LindzLook - Stroll 37LindzLook - Stroll 38

And of course, we always take advantage of when our favorite stores that were closed for the season open back up again, so we would make a point to visit Follain any time they opened their doors.

As day turns to night, the island becomes even more of a movie set when you see all the community-decorated trees that line Main Street (and all the people are pretty much gone, either at one of the restaurants that are only open again for the weekend or at fancy holiday parties).

LindzLook - Stroll 38LindzLook - Stroll 39LindzLook - Stroll 40

All joking aside, Stroll Weekend is one of the best times to be on the island, if for nothing else than that there doesn’t seem to be anything like it anywhere. I know lots of vacation towns do their own version of a holiday festival, but this one is really unlike anything else I’ve seen in any New England town ever.

I’m so glad that we did this last year, because 2017 is definitely going to be less festive for the Scouras’s. With the move, and me living in America and Steve still coming back and forth from Nantucket, it just doesn’t make sense to get a tree or decorate for the holidays this year when we’re actually trying to pack all of our belongings (don’t even get me started on my Christmas card or lack thereof right now). If you need me, I’ll be reliving all the holiday hubbub with these photos and sustaining myself on the Buddy the Elf diet.

Happy Strolling,


My outfit details:
Old Navy coat [sim] & scarf (mine’s old, but they have some newer colors here)
Nautica jeans [sim] via the Lightship Basket Museum Yard Sale
L.L. Bean socks & boots
The Lovely hat [sim] (I have no idea what brand it is but it came with a second interchangeable pom pom in another hue)
Kate Spade purse & earrings (these are both old but there’s sometimes similar styles at the outlet)

Molly’s outfit:
Primark scarf [sim] (I know because we both bought the same one last year – they don’t have it on their website but I feel like that pattern is everywhere now)
Gap pea coat [sim] (Disclaimer: I lent Molly this jacket because she is from California and therefore doesn’t exactly have a rotating wardrobe of wool coats. I have to tell you that I have had this coat since my freshman year of high school. I still don’t even know how that’s possible)
Hunter boots

You Know I’m bACK Like I Never Left

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Yikes. It’s certainly been awhile since we caught up, hasn’t it? The last we chatted I was still reveling in the glow of birthday gifts and sunny beach days. And now, here we are – living in a perpetual state of oversized sweaters and nonstop Hallmark movies where no doubt a big city curmudgeon learns the true meaning of Christmas (usually on a tree farm – big ups to Canada and their tax breaks for the film industry).

The biggest news ’round these parts is that I am writing to you from the continental U.S. Yes, that’s right – after four and a half years on a little elbow of sand called Nantucket (or ACK depending on how freely you like to throw around abbreviations), I booked a one-way ticket on the slow boat headed for America. There were so many reasons for this move, and it was definitely a long-time coming. I don’t want to bore you with all the specifics, but the underlying issue that Steve and I had been aware of for quite some time is that life on Nantucket (for us, at least) wasn’t sustainable for the long-term.

Some people make it work for years, they do the shuffle – move in and out of housing they can (sort of) afford depending on the season, or like us, live in a very small space (a friend once told me he would have murdered his wife if he had to live in our studio apartment with her) with no stove and no hopes of ever being able to afford anything else. For us, it just wasn’t the life we wanted to live anymore, and having an ocean in between you and most of the things you love (like TARGET… I mean, my friends and family) gets old eventually.

People refer to certain life situations as bittersweet, and that is 100% what I can say this decision was. There were a lot of great things about that island, from the beautiful sunsets to the opportunities to do things that you could never do in the “real” world (Steve was a DJ on the radio and I got to be on TV – things we probably would never have been able to do anywhere else). And depending on how you feel about it, the local community vibe, complete with town meetings, people that know your name on the streets – it was all very Stars Hollow-ish (including the lack of privacy). Not to mention it’s freaking gorgeous. Seriously, an Instagrammer’s dream. The blogger in me fears I will never ever get as many “likes” as I did living on Nantucket.

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

But by far, the best thing that Nantucket gave us was the people. Most of my friends I met through my job, because when you live on an island and you work your ass off, they’re the ones you spend the most time with. They become family when you feel like you’re alone, drifting out in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately, most of us knew that the way we were living wasn’t forever, with a lot of us residing in dorm-style staff housing due to the lack of affordable options on Nantucket. In a lot of ways, it was awesome. The people you loved the most were just always there, kind of like on Friends. We often spent all day at the office together, then worked after hours for programs, and we would still choose to have dinner with each other or go out for a drink later. Many weekends I would roll myself up the stairs at the duplex I lived in, still in my pajamas, to recount our stories from the night before and make plans for the day. Schooner was the one really living the high-life, man. He had more dog moms than he could count.

With all of us being vaguely around the same age, this thing started to happen where we all realized that as strong as our bond was, it would never be enough to keep us all in a lifestyle that wasn’t attainable for us. No matter what stage we were at, all of us wanted more. Houses, better jobs, kids, the ability to travel – things that couldn’t happen here.

So for the last year, every few months or so, we lost one of our “group.” Our favorite off-season activity was this thing called Fight Night at Backyard Barbeque, one of our favorite restaurants. They partnered with Cisco Brewers and every Wednesday night, it was a challenge of beer vs. wine, wine vs. spirits, etc., with four courses to accompany each round of beverages (rest assured, they were small pours. But we still often had to hang out a bit before we drove home!). Steve was their best customer – the first year they offered it, he attended every single one. Seriously, they gave him a t-shirt at the end.

At the height of our time on Nantucket, we had a standing reservation for fifteen people practically every single week. The first deflectors left in September. Then there was the holidays, and we lost a few more in the months after. By the time that season of Fight Nights finished, we were down to four of us at a table. Don’t get me wrong – we were so happy for those who figured out their exit strategy, who found a good enough reason to finally make the jump, book the boat, take a chance on something new. But boy did it suck to lose those people that became woven in the fabric of your life every day. Things like this don’t happen other places. You know why? Because your friends move a town, or even a state away – and you can still drive to see them! In addition, part of the cache of Nantucket is that it attracts really interesting people from all over the world. From our “group,” there are now people living in Indiana, California, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Shang freaking Hai – not exactly places you can easily get to.

Losing our tribe wasn’t everything, but it sure made all the other parts of life that weren’t perfect a lot more obvious once they were gone. These people were an amazing distraction from the things about Nantucket that we didn’t enjoy. So this fall, Steve and I became some of the last people in our “group” to leave… well, correction. I left.

Yes, you read correctly. After all this, Steve is still on Nantucket, and I’m well… I’m hanging out in the good old U.S.A. Steve has a great gig there with his boss and still lots of work, therefore $$$ happening, so it’s hard to give that up. I got a job in the South Shore in an industry I’m super passionate about, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So we packed up my stuff, and I left my guy and my pup behind on the rock. My inlaws were nice enough to take me in, and for the last month I’ve just been working, getting used to having a forty-five minute commute (I drove just over a mile to work everyday before), and figuring out our next steps so our little family can be reunited on land.

We’re trying to make the best of it. Steve has come to visit a few times with Schooner and I’ve been back once so far. There’s still an apartment to be packed and lots of loose ends to tie up, but we’re going to make it work. And of course, we’re already planning our next Nantucket reunion 🙂 #TribeTrip2018

All in all, I am so grateful for the time I spent on Nantucket. When I interviewed there, following the Nemo blizzard and getting on the first boat that had run in days, I had no idea what was in store for me. I was convinced that I was unqualified to work in a museum (which to be honest, I really kind of was) but the great thing about Nantucketers is they’re willing to take a chance on people. And trust me, the people and the island will test you. There were so many times I cried or I wanted to give up, thinking that Nantucket was going to chew me up and spit me back out the sea. But it didn’t. I spent four and a half years at an amazing institution that taught me what it truly means to be a professional. I stretched my creativity in new ways. I experienced so much joy and a bit of heartache too. But most of all, I grew up. And now I’m ready to grow some more, but in a new place where there’s a bit more opportunity to have some of those real-life experiences.

So thank you to everyone who in some way, shaped this experience for us. Not many people get to say “I lived on Nantucket year-round” – seriously, it is quite the conversation starter.

Speaking of words, there really aren’t enough to describe our lives the past few years. So of course, I avoided gathering up all my earthly belongings and instead spent hours making this video of as many of the high points as I could squeeze into four minutes. This could have gone on for hours, but I know we’ve all got things to do. Like packing.


P.S. There’s so much more I could say about the island than would fit in one post. I’m going to do some follow ups on my favorite experiences, shops and restaurants, and more post-Nantucket life updates. Stay tuned!

Lindzterest: Make It Like Your Birthday Everyday

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Okay, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts (which again, was created by my mother’s suggestion that I pay homage to/rip off Pinterest), but I celebrated my 32nd birthday last week, which seems like an excellent time to share some of my current favorite things that I was lucky enough to receive.

I think I’ve said this before, but I love birthdays – both my own and others. I literally can’t understand people who don’t enjoy celebrating (like those people that get annoyed when waiters sing to them in restaurants – uh, hello, if four people at an Applebee’s take time out of their crappy shift to sing you “Happy Birthday” at your table with a brownie earthquake, you better be appreciative). I know as adults, we’re supposed to like, go to work and act all cool like it’s just another day, but I just can’t. Chock it up to having a summer birthday and basically never having to be in school on your special day, but even as a grown-up, I’m definitely more like this:

And yes, as with Christmas, I still make a list (which my husband still makes fun of me for). Okay, so it’s more of a Pinterest board that is viewed basically only by my mother and sister, but it works. So let’s get right into things I’m loving this week: birthday edition!

Quirky Powercurl Pop Cable Organizer & Powercurl Mini

I don’t know where it comes from, but I swear I have an undiagnosed version of OCD only pertaining to insignificant things. Like my bed could be unmade with clean, unfolded laundry strewn across it, but I literally have to line up all my shoes by the front door to feel at peace. I feel the same way about wires. Like why are they always EVERYWHERE?! In the past, I had ordered these colorful velcro wraps from Amazon, and used them for every possible cord, both in my drawers and in my purse. But I’ve always hated the way Apple cords are so heavy, and finally, my neurotic prayers have been answered. I don’t know where I first saw Quirky’s Powercurl products, but when I found they had one for both your computer AND phone cord, I knew they had to be mine. Living on an island means a lot of travel, so these are way more convenient to throw in your bag, plus they come in an array of shades like this vibrant pink.

Old Navy White Denim Jacket

I know what you’re thinking – Clarissa Darling called, and she wants her jacket back (which I would take as a compliment in which I assume it was intended). But seriously, my denim jacket is one of the most-worn piece in my wardrobe. My only complaint is that I can’t wear it with jeans (because I refuse to go full-on Canadian tuxedo). When I saw this one from Old Navy, I thought it seemed like a great value for a piece that could be super transitional as I defy my mother and wear white past Labor Day. It has a bit of stretch to it, so I could see myself wearing it well into September with a light sweater on those cool Nantucket nights when you’re still just not ready to give up on summer yet. Also it has “Stay-White” technology that supposedly repels stains, which I have yet to experience but am sure that I will soon. You can’t walk more than twenty feet on this island in August without getting at least a half a glass of rosé spilled on you.

BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

Lindsay's Look - Becca
Contouring doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and while I don’t plan on adding an extra forty-five steps to my makeup routine, I yearn for a J.Lo glow just like any other basic chick in 2017. Chrissy Teigen is one of my favorite celebs to follow on Snapchat, and when I saw her promoting this special edition palette she created with contour-queen BECCA, I was dying to try it. First of all, there’s only four colors, so right off the bat it seemed easier for a newbie (I literally wear the same five types of makeup every day and buy the same colors year after year, with the exception of a statement lip color every now and then). Plus it’s supposed to be some of the most universally flattering colors. While I have owned this for a full week, I have yet to use it, as I have no idea what I’m doing and feel like none of my Target makeup brushes are worthy of such fine products. My makeup-loving sister (who literally bought me every cool palette that I own) suggested looking up some YouTube tutorials to guide me along the way, so I plan on getting into that ASAP.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Let’s call my thirty-second trip around the sun “the year of random inventions I never knew I needed but can’t live without.” I think I found Tweexy’s nail polish holder on one of those Buzfeed lists of products meant to make your life easier. I know this is a total #firstworld issue, but don’t you hate knocking over your polish bottles when you’re just trying to treat yo self to an at-home mani? As someone who has both stained carpets with nail polish in addition to accidentally flicking some into my eye when I was a teenager (which resulted in my mother phoning poison control, only to somehow figure out that she knew the person answering the call), yes, I do need this. I’ve only used it once so far, but it was very convenient for giving myself a pedicure at the coffee table, a true measure of a night of luxury.

Vineyard Vines Gingham Baseball Hat

The irony of falling in love with a gingham Vineyard Vines hat while visiting Vermont when you live in the preppiest place on the planet is not lost on me, but that’s exactly what happened. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me refusing to take it off on my story during our Green Mountain escape last month. I literally squealed when it showed up in my mailbox, perfectly packaged in a gift box that I refuse to throw out from my friend Sarah. Between the hot pink whale and the checkered navy pattern, it’s the perfect hat for when dry shampoo just ain’t cutting it anymore but you still want to look cute.

23andMe DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis

What, you were expecting another article of clothing? When my husband presented this to me at my birthday dinner (at the beautiful Chanticleer, no less), I screamed out out “oh my God, a saliva collection kit?!” (That’s what it says on the box, P.S.) In case you were confused, that was an excited scream, not like a “I can’t believe you gave me something for my birthday with the word saliva on it” scream. The thing about Steve that is so great is that he never looks at the Pinterest board – he doesn’t need to. I don’t know how he remembers things that I want that I don’t even remember that I said I wanted, but he does. Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with doing my genealogy, and by that I mean I keep talking about it but haven’t actually done anything. My mom’s side is very super documented (it’s white, white, and more white, in case you were wondering, like next boat after the Mayflower white), but I personally don’t know as much about my dad’s side, my Italian roots. My dream is to totally map out our family trees and then go on a trip to Greece and Italy and find the places our respective family members are from. Also a goal: save exorbitant amount of dollars to pay for said trip. Anyway, this seemed like a good first step to figure out what kind of chromosomes I’m working with here.

So that’s a sampling of some of the awesome gifts I received this year, not including lots of wonderful cards, baked goods, gift certificates, and one unprecedented public display at the office:

Thanks to everyone that called or texted or even just left a one-line note on Facebook (times like these make you realize that the internet can be a nice place occasionally) – I’m not one for the sappy stuff but it truly does mean a lot to a birthday fanatic like myself.

Until next year,


Girls Who Wear Glasses

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I know the term “fomo” is relatively new as far as the English language goes, but I’ve been suffering with this affliction since grade school. It’s not that I was a spoiled kid, but often I was so intrigued by things that I wasn’t a part of, which only made me more desperate to be included (we’ll call it more of an obsessive curiosity). In second grade, I didn’t understand why all the girls in my class were wearing white dresses and veils at their First Communions and I wasn’t (we weren’t Catholic, so that may have been the cause), and I used to gaze longingly at the kids in daycare on my way out of school and feel like I was totally missing out on some cool club where they got to play games in the cafeteria (my mom had to explain to me that not all kids had parents who worked at home).

But the biggest “club” that I have never been a part of and was desperate to join was, once again, not something that most kids wished for themselves: I wanted to wear glasses.


Why? I have no idea. I’m going to chalk it up to a young Lindsay wanting to express herself with as many accessories as possible. I thought kids that had glasses were just the coolest. I mean, when superheroes wear them, no one knows who they are! You cannot deny the power of a good pair of specs, amirite?

Slight snafu here: I was cursed with “better than perfect” vision (20/15 to be exact), discovered after I accidentally walked into the side of my house when I was 8, resulting in a large goose egg and a trip to the eye doctor. When the optometrist ensured my mother that I was not in fact, blind, but rather clumsy, my four-eyed dreams were dashed.


That is, until now. That’s right – I, Lindsay Scouras, am finally getting… glasses ?

I know what you’re thinking. Lindsay, glasses are a sign of aging! Why celebrate the fact that your once perfect eyesight slowly going down the drain? This is just the first of many ailments to come that show you are no longer a spring chicken, lady! True, but I am looking at this at more of a preventative measure that happens to be sanctioned by a medical professional. Botox for the eyes, if you will.

You see, for the past couple of months, I had started to feel like my once-perfect vision wasn’t so perfect anymore. During the day, my eyes would start to go blurry at work, and I would have trouble getting them to focus again. I started feeling way more sensitive to fluorescent light and colors, sometimes having to go off into a dark room and allow my eyes to “reset” before I went back to work (super productive, no?). It was an unfamiliar and completely disruptive feeling that was really throwing me off my game at the office, and also causing me to turn into bed way early when I wasn’t even tired because I just wanted to be in the dark.

But let’s call a spade a spade – I work in an office and spend at least 60 hours a week staring at a computer. I enjoy blogging and editing photos, which adds more screen time after-hours. I do social media for my job (and okay, also for fun) and treat my iPhone like it’s my tiny tech child – never too far out of sight. And yes, I’m turning thirty-two next week, so there’s that.

All these factors combined lead me to take a trip to the eye doctor. And let me tell you, I have never had a better medical appointment in my entire life. If you are on Nantucket and need to go to the eye doctor, do yourself a favor and hightail it over to Dr. Gage at ACK Eye. I almost asked her if she had any other specialities, because I would seriously let her poke and prod me any day.

Have you guys been to the eye doctor lately? I mean, I know I haven’t been seen about 1993, but these people have gone full-on Jetsons futuristic. The thing you use to read with all the different-sized letters? It’s on an iMac now. They change the letters with a remote (apparently, people who chose to deny themselves the opportunity to wear glasses would memorize them). Also they had the best waiting room magazine selection I’ve come across in some time.

So anyway, what I gleaned from my new BFF Dr. Gage is that my eyesight is still good. I’m far-sighted and still see very well at great distances, however, my close-up skills need a bit of work. Blame it on age, the computer, whatever – but I need to keep these girls in check (and yes, I have chosen to start referring to my eyes in the way that other women talk about their breasts). She found that my right eye is slightly stronger than the left, which she said was ironic because I’m left-handed, and most people’s dominant eye is also their dominant hand.

She wrote me a very low prescription, and encouraged me not to wear my glasses all day (so I don’t become completely dependent on them prematurely) and to wear them starting at say, 2 P.M. when my eyes start to feel a little tired from looking at a screen for a prolonged period of time. Dr. Gage said it should not only help with focusing and reading, but would probably help wake me up a bit more in the afternoon, which for someone like me who doesn’t drink coffee, is always helpful.

She gave me a few other helpful (and obvious) tips, like giving your eyes a break at least once every hour – getting up and changing scenery for a few minutes is best, but even blinking strongly for a bit when you can’t escape the clutches of your desk is helpful.

Even though I had to get back to work, I couldn’t resist trying on at least a few pairs of glasses before I left the office, though I knew I was in no place to decide on a pair that day. The women in the retail area were so helpful and nice even when I nervously exclaimed that I couldn’t possibly make a decision today at least three times during my visit. Of course I immediately fell in love with a $300 Zac Posen pair, even though though I tried on an almost-identical no-name brand (I’m such a sucker).

Side note: Can we talk about how difficult it is to take a quality selfie in glasses?! I am so not used to having this thing on my face, I had no idea where to look, which angle to turn my head at – not to mention there’s a glare no matter where you go. Four-eyed ladies (and gentlemen, I’m not fussed), please give a girl some tips! It’s also really hard to tell what these actually looked like in person. I tried on numerous pairs that I thought sort of suited my face, only to find them to be gargantuan in photos.

Anyway, this brings me to today, kids. It’s time for me to get glasses but I have no idea where to start. I was told by numerous Nantucketers not to buy glasses from the eye doctor directly, because like produce or housewares, the upcharge just for being on a island is bonkers. Everyone said take your prescription the next time you go off island to a BJ’s or somewhere that sells glasses on the cheap. I don’t think your first pair of spectacles can be picked out online anyway (also, do the kids still say spectacles?) – this is definitely a try-on in person scenario.

The other advice I got was to go with a service like Warby Parker, where you can try them on at home and pay a nominal price for the lenses and frames. I know you get what you pay for, but I’m basically getting a slightly better pair of the readers your mother buys from CVS and always loses at the bottom of her purse. In less than twenty-four hours after my appointment, I already sent away for the Warby Parker “At Home Try-On” and am anxiously stalking the mailman for my package.

Is there anywhere else I should be looking? Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands, so I was slightly curious about their offerings in this department, however I’m such a novice here that I’m literally running around helpless wondering how to purchase a set of frames and a prescription separately and have them fit together. Send help!


**This post is not sponsored in any way (duh, it’s like, a medical appointment – although in the blogging world, who knows what’s next for #ad content), I just had a really great experience with this doctor and wanted to share the completely ridiculous excitement that I feel over having to get glasses!

City of Os-cars, Are You Dressing Just for Me?

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Well people, here we are – the end of award show season. AKA, when I sink fully into my seasonal depression (I’m kidding… sort of). Award shows are pretty much the only good thing about the winter in these parts, and now it’s over ? What will I do with all my free time?!

This one was tough for me because more than ever, I really have hardly seen any of the movies. As I’ve mentioned, life on an island is tricky for many reasons, and for a pop culture addict like myself, it’s hard to take in all of the year’s cinematic masterpieces when you have two theaters with one screen each, and film like Moonlight plays exactly TWO times, one of those being at 4 P.M. on a Thursday.

So as usual, I was relying on the fashions to get me through. And unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with last night’s turnout. A lot of safe looks, neutral colors, and… velvet? (My fifth-grade self is overjoyed at this turn of events.)

Someone else who is feeling a little down today? I’m guessing the entire cast of La La Land (one of the films I was actually able to see!). And also Moonlight, for missing out on their moment a bit. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, I’m kind of not sure how you got to the blog, but welcome! And if you do know what I’m talking about and want to hear more, you can listen to the podcast that Bowen and I recorded this morning breaking down all the events of last night’s telecast. But ’round these parts we focus on fashion, so here we go!

Like I said, I was a little bummed out by the lack of risks/innovation/color last night, but these ladies stood out as my best of the best. You might not know who Auli’i Cravalho is yet (I certainly didn’t when she arrived on the red carpet early in the evening) but you probably know her voice from Moana. And of of last night, you know her as the sixteen year-old performer who got hit in the face with a flag during her performance in front of like a billion people and totally kept her cool. I will now know her as the girl that could save Hollywood. I mean she is talented and gorgeous and full of class. Help us, Auli’i, you’re our only hope (until Bey and Amal’s twins grow up, of course). I think she looks so beautiful in this white gown. The metallic accents and uneven layers keep it from going “bridal” and girl already has a killer posing arm going on. Live long and prosper. A big winner of the night (finally!) was Viola Davis, who was the only person to sport a color that I really loved. Seriously, I have never see anyone who can dress like a primary crayon and look so damn good. It’s a classic shape, but the halter and sleeves keep it a fresh and different. The Queen of the red carpet for me was most definitely Taraji P. Henson. Cookie slayed from the second she left the limo – between the hair, the slit, the cleavage – and everything just worked for her. Taraji knows exactly how to walk that fine line of sexy vs. skanky, and I was so happy to see that she left her juvenile Grammy look behind for Hollywood’s biggest night. Finally, one of the big winners of the evening was Emma Stone, in more ways than one. If you ask me, she either knew she was going to win or believes in fashion osmosis, and that by dressing the part of a lady Oscar statue, she in turn took home the gold. Just one of my many conspiracy theories for the evening, but you can’t deny that girl looks good. If I had to change one thing (and it’s just a very small one thing), I would say that I wish this gown was a slightly different tone, because I think this color is a little too close to her skin and washes her out a bit. Maybe a more yellow-y gold (I mean, she wore head-to-toe chartreuse last year) or if this had been done in like, a pewter color – that would have been amazing. But her hair and makeup has never looked better.

These ladies are my second in line for being the belles of the ball. I don’t know why Karlie Kloss is there (requisite millennial to show how young/hip the Academy thinks they are?) but she is essentially the only person that can get away with this style of dress. You have to have like one percent body fat and no boobs to even look at this on the hanger. I would like to give her the award for best use of an ACLU ribbon – the blue really pops against the white, as does having it displayed on her protruding hipbone. Ava Duvernay should get some sort of award for looking this amazing less than 48 hours after returning from New Zealand (where my girl Reese was as well). This dress is not only beautifully-crafted, but was created by a Muslim designer in Lebanon. Activism looks darn good on her. I can’t believe that on Saturday I was watching a tween Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit on AMC and on Sunday I was literally bowing down in front of my television for her. This dress is just perfect for her – it’s age appropriate without being immature, and the oh-so dramatic makeup and hair keeps it from going too foo-foo. And Octavia Spencer… I feel like you kind of have to dress like a queen with the name Octavia. I don’t know what to call this color, but it’s just the right shade that keeps it from resembling dirty bath water. Feathers were forecasted to be a big trend for the evening, and Octavia delivered with this fluttery number. I’m not the biggest fan of the top, it’s a little mother-of-the-bride for me, but I think it balanced out the skirt just fine.

Overall, I like the ensembles in the category but… well, let’s start with Teresa Palmer. First of all, who is she and why did someone let her ruin a perfectly good metallic dress with an ugly belt? (Apparently, belts are in too, FYI.) And I don’t know exactly what it is, but I don’t think there is a good boob situation going on here. Like I think the top of this dress is ill-designed (despite the fact that it’s Prada). I did look her up on Instagram and she had a baby like ten weeks ago so you can’t really fault her for anything, can you? Another hot mom in the mix is the always beautiful Halle Berry, who broke records winning her own Oscar in 2002 so you know that she just didn’t give an EFF and will show up however she damn well pleases. I am all for big hair, but this is like, really big. Like Sideshow Bob big. It’s totally distracting and frankly hides a lot of her beautiful face/skin/eternal youth. I like this gown, sorta. I think it’s very flattering, and I wish that I could have seen this top and this bottom as their own dresses because these two were not made for each other. And the bottom part of the black tulle that just is left there, limp and lifeless… no. Just no. Olivia Culpo was one of the quasi-celebrities that E! managed to convince to appear on one of their many several hours of pre-show programming, and they went into this whole story with a video montage of how this dress was made and even though it’s Marchesa it’s somehow also made by Stella Artois, and I don’t know how but they give people clean drinking water when they make beer, so props. I think this dress is gorgeous; it is an engineering masterpiece. So why, WHY would you ruin it with those slicked-to-your-forehead side bangs?! During the pre-show I swear there was one baby bang that was trying to jump ship to the side it rightfully belonged to. It was so distracting, I kept smudging my screen as if I could push it out of the way myself. BTW, the black ribbon was an add-on, and I’m not sure if it’s a necessary one at that. In a world full of beige (I’m coming for you, Kidman), I love that we have a Janelle Monae. She is so kooky and weird but gorgeous and I kind of love her (but could not tell you one song she sings). Yes, this look is crazy, and no, I would never wear it. It’s got everything – a belt, tulle side panels, a Grecian-style headband, strategically-placed appliques. Girl just kept piling it on. But seriously, I found the majority of the red carpet to be so boring, this was almost like a breath of fresh air, and I don’t think anyone else there could wear anything like this other than her.

Okay, here’s where we make a pit-stop in Dulls-ville. I’m not complaining, everyone looks pretty but… there’s just something missing with all of these. When I saw Felicity Jones take to the carpet, I could only see her head, which I swear was just floating around as if detached from her body. Turns out it was just another flesh-toned dress, yawn. I also felt that this was very ill-fitting. Felicity is a tiny British nymph, and something about the cut of this dress made her look much wider than she actually is. Isabelle Huppert looked beautiful (and also mad, but also French), but I felt like she thought all of this was beneath her the whole night. I never saw her smile once… granted, she didn’t win, but still. I don’t mind this dress, and I think it looks great on her… but man, these hanging belts are really killing me. Nicole Kidman has made vast improvements from her other appearances on the red carpet this year (like hey what’s up hello) so I guess it’s okay that this one is kind of boring. But like, could this have been any other color than Nicole Kidman-pinky beige? Also those circular designs are a little hypnotize-y. Whatever, it’s fine, I’ll take it. I am pretty bummed about this Chrissy Teigen look. I kind of don’t get it. The top part was almost like a different color square panel in the middle with tiny bedazzled fireworks on it. There was a cape, there was a front arm sash (just one though), there was (shocker!) a belt, a very high slit, more firework jewels… and the most boring hair to boot. It just wasn’t one of my favorites on her.

I mean, if you wear an all-black dress on the red carpet are you even really trying? Kate McKinnon seems to be suffering from what I call Kristen Wiig Syndrome – a really fun person who wears really boring gowns at award shows. Do you think it’s because so much of their personalities are brought out by wigs and prosthetic noses? Like this is fine, but nothing to write home about. I know that Michelle Williams is a Louis V darling, but I find her to be very hit-or-miss with fashion (she’s a pretty reliable one good year, one bad year type of gal). This dress is literally nothing special – I repeat, nothing. In fact, Emma Roberts showed up in virtually the same thing but didn’t look like a grandmother. And I really miss Michelle’s longer pixie. Again, the hair, the skin, the skirt – everything is the same color and all of it is blah. Salma Hayek is another one I just don’t understand. Did you know that her husband is the CEO of a company that owns Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Saint Laurent Paris? So why on earth doesn’t she dress better? This is literally a really long negligee over the highest of high-waisted briefs. And the jeweled headbands – I can’t. As discussed, Emma Roberts was basically twinning it with Michelle Williams (hopefully unintentionally, but hey, one never knows). I think I like this version better because it’s not so old looking, despite being vintage. The boob area is very small so I was a little nervous about that, but overall I think this is a much better-executed look than the previous. But the Jessica Rabbit hair? Eesh. If we could just go back to this, that would be great. Finally, Alicia Vikander, who is one of those award show darlings that I just do not understand. She has the body of a Chinese gymnast, and yet she always somehow ends up in very heavy looks that totally overwhelm her small frame (I will never forget that freakin’ daffodil bubble hem from last year). She looks like a really boring version of the flamenco dancer Emoji with hair that she just like, what – tied up after leaving the gym? But don’t worry guys, she managed to throw on probably a million dollars worth of diamonds to really tie the whole look together.

When weird dresses attack! Seriously, I don’t know what to say here. Again, prefacing this with the fact that all these women are gorgeous and sometimes there is a just something that doesn’t work. But you can see the vision and get that it was going somewhere, and then you just feel bad that the people that tell them how good they look are being paid handsomely to do so. Leslie Mann could not be missed in this highlighter yellow number, complete with bunches and ties and well… that’s pretty much it. But it’s a lot. It kinda reminds me of a homemade costume for a community theater production of Beauty and the Beast. If she’s gunning for a role in the remake, someone may want to let her know that ship has sailed. It’s strange though – there’s something about this that I actually like and I want it to succeed. I want this dress to be one of those Project Runway challenges where they have to make a bad dress into a good one. Also it’s a bit much for presenter, no? Jessica Biel has never been at the top of any of my lists (yes I know it’s not ethical but I just can’t explain why I don’t like her and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Gold sequins and red carpets go together like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling… so why doesn’t this work? Well, let’s start with the fact that she looks like she came straight from a drag production of The Lion King, where she may have been actually mauled by someone named Tigress. If you take off the necklace and leave the sequins in tact, this has some semblance of a beautiful dress. Unfortunately, it’s been destroyed. I want to like Kirsten Dunst’s look, after all, she’s kind of been out of the spotlight for a while. This dress is fine (albeit kind of boring and old for her) and the choker is to die for, but the hair is so messy and disheveled, it totally throws off the kind of old-Hollywood class that I assume she was going for (I mean, she is wearing a close-toed shoe). The proportions are very odd here, with the waist so small and all the extra fabric at the skirt… and are we done with this high-low hem thing yet? Speaking of high-low – how is one supposed to understand their feelings about Naomi Harris’ look? So beautiful from the top up, the dress fits like a dream, it has just enough trendy items (a cape! underboob cutout!), and then… a pencil skirt? Like, what am I looking at here? And I’m sorry, I know it’s intentional but the mismatched jewels on the shoes are really throwing me for a loop (but I appreciate the pop of color). STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS, NAOMI. Don’t we get enough of that with Moonlight?!

I’m running out of steam to describe how celebrities almost nail it and then something goes wrong. Charlize Theron has always been a picture of cool style, and this dress could be great, but I wish the metallic skewed more gold instead of green. Also, you can’t tell in this photo, but her hair is very well-styled in the front and then it’s a ponytail in the back. They didn’t even wrap the hair tie! AAAARRGGGH. It’s literally infuriating. Also hi, sorry – the top on this doesn’t fit. Ginnifer Go0dwin was having a tough time with the very recent passing of her Big Love co-star Bill Paxton… so I think I’m going to leave this one alone for now. It’s a great color. That is all. Brie Larson really confused me here. She was so bright and vibrant and fresh last year, and now she’s like, a blondie zombie version of Angelina Jolie. This dress is nice (I think?) but it’s very dark (black velvet will do that to ya) and quite Elvira-esque. The blank stare doesn’t help. And Giuliana Rancic… there’s a lot of folds here, huh? (That’s literally all I have.) Also I hate dresses that need choreography in order to show how they’re “supposed” to look on the red carpet. If you can’t sit, stand, walk up the stairs, walk down a carpet, or dine at In N Out Burger with it… pick something else.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the worst dressed of the evening (yes, we’re horrible people – please stay as long as you like, you are among friends). Ruth Negga was the first person I saw on the red carpet and I was afraid that the whole evening was shot. She is so beautiful, why, oh why, did she choose to dress like a harlequin from a Civil War movie? I know I said I love red at award shows… well maybe i should have been more specific. She literally looks like she’s on fire, and not in a good way. And I hate that her earrings, headband (again, ick), and lipstick are all in competing shades of crimson. Nothing goes and I’m dying. There goes Priyanka Chopra again, showing up at things. Bowen and I have this theory that she should only do hair commercials, as we feel her acting is subpar and I don’t know a single person that watches Quantico (but who knows, maybe our minds and hearts will be swayed by her upcoming role in… the Baywatch reboot?). Again, a beautiful girl who didn’t do herself any favors by wearing what is basically the underside of your Nana’s quilt to the Oscars. This pattern hurts me in more ways than one. Another pattern-offender is Scarlett Johansson. I don’t even know how to describe what is happening on this dress, I just know all of it’s bad and a studded biker belt doesn’t help. And like Charlize’s dress, the top does not fit. Is there like, some kind of tailoring shortage in Hollywood right now?! Finally, my worst of the worst, so bad your grandma doesn’t even want it: Dakota Johnson. The sheen of this hurts my eyes, and the crotch bow is abhorrently dreadful. I feel like I have to use words like that because I believe she stole this straight from Maggie Smith’s bedroom in Downtown Abbey. In what stratosphere is this a good color on anyone? Don’t worry guys – she accessorized with a big fat chintzy necklace over the neck ruffle. Now it’s all okay. EXCEPT NONE OF THIS WAS EVER OKAY. I can’t.

And there you have it! Thank you so much to everyone who followed along with me this award show season. I know there’s a lot happening out there right now, and in no way am I saying that any of this is more important than what’s going on in our country and the fight that is being fought every single day. But if I can provide even a little bit of a temporary distraction from all the crazy, well then… that’s what it’s all for. And also because I like it and it’s fun and if I hold the snark in I may just poison myself from the inside, ‘kay?

Until next time,


Better Call Grammy with the Good Hair

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Man, I’m getting old. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these award shows on Sunday nights are killing me. I mean it takes a whole day to recover from just watching the show itself (which is minimum three hours, not including pre-show coverage on E! and of course, the two-hour countdown to the pre-show that I also insist on watching as well), and then days to construct a blog post (well it normally doesn’t take days, but I’ve been super distracted this week). Well despite my sleepiness, I couldn’t leave you guys hanging, so here we are: Lindsay’s Look’s official 2017 Grammy Awards fashion recap!

Let’s get one thing out on the table before we get started – obviously the story of the night that goes way beyond fashion (gasp I never knew it was possible) is the whole Adele vs. Beyonce (which I hate to even say, because I’m pretty convinced it’s not a competition between these two ladies themselves) saga that continues to dominate every website I frequent and even ones that I don’t (thank you for your ground-breaking commentary, Barstool Sports). I have my own feelings about the situation, but ultimately I just want to put it out there that I love both artists equally and having to pick who is more deserving of an award over the other feels like musical Sophie’s Choice. If you want to go more in-depth on the show as a whole, my friend Bowen and I actually did a podcast sharing our thoughts on the entire Grammy Awards telecast, which you can listen to here (or our 2016 year in review here and our Golden Globes recap as well).

I’m choosing to focus on style for this post, as I’ve always done on the blog following an award show. So here we go!

I’m going to start off by saying that I had very few overall “best dressed” picks for the evening. Was anyone else as disappointed as I was with the red carpet looks for this particular show? I know that overall the Grammys are a funkier crowd simply because musicians seem to be a little more out there in terms of fashion than the more “serious” acting crowd.

LS_Grammy Fashion 1

One of the biggest trends of the evening, which as it turns out were the gowns I like the most, were the ones featuring this “boob window” (which I had to learn that expression from a male friend – some fashionista over here). I always like the balance of exposing some parts while keeping others a bit covered up, and let’s face it – the Grammys aren’t particularly known for their modesty when it comes to red carpet style. I love love LOVED the color and sparkle of Carrie Underwood’s dress, but I wanted to rip those stupid sleeves right off her. I feel like if you’re going to do a statement sleeve (which maybe wasn’t necessary with the glitter and the slit and the exposed sternum), it has to be all or nothing – I would have preferred it to be regular or like, a full on ruffle, flamenco dancer style. The shape of this thing looks like something the angel on top of your Christmas tree should be wearing. When I saw Demi Lovato on the carpet, I honestly had to do a double take – from certain angles she could easily have been mistaken for a Kardashian. I actually really enjoyed her departure from last year’s look, which was quite mature for her and perhaps a bit harsh. Her makeup is gorgeous and the color of that dress looks amazing on her skin tone. The one thing I will say is I think the hair is just a smidge too long. I think a few inches off the bottom would have been a lot fresher and would have shown off her dress a bit more (also, the sparkly jumpsuit during her performance? Ah-mazing). Jennifer Lopez can’t help but put it all out there it seems, and with that body I mean, why the hell not? But is anyone else sick of the Jolie leg pose from her? I’m definitely getting there. Again, just a little more hair than I would like to see, especially when it’s almost conflicting with the giant tulle flower she’s got over her shoulder. I know some people didn’t love this look, but I thought it was sort of amazing. The color is divine on her skin tone and the giant appendage reminds me of a Carrie Bradshaw throwback. It’s everything I didn’t know I needed in a gown. One that I was surprised to see that I enjoyed was Faith Hill, as she’s definitely been towing the line of good taste over the last few years. I have always loved red on the red carpet and the fit is just perfection.

LS_Grammy Fashion 2

This group is another where I like the looks mostly, but then there’s something that just throws them off for me. I kind of surprised myself by liking Solange‘s number (a metallic version of what my mother would call “inside out caterpillar guts” green) because I think it actually really works for her. There’s approximately twelve people in the world that can pull off that color, and she is one of them. The only thing I’m not totally vibing on is that arm/back ruffle. I just think it’s too much with the color and the pleating. I feel like she is about to be eaten by a giant cupcake wrapper. I think as far as dresses go, Giuliana Rancic looks fine, but girl looks like she’s headed to her springtime bridal shower or something. I’m not saying you can’t rock a short dress at the Grammys, but this white lacy number seems too sweet for what is known as the most outlandish red carpet of the season. The look on Maren Morris’ face says everything I feel about this dress: pretty, but scared. Like be careful if a big gust of wind comes along and blows that crotch panel square up in your face! I mean that is a weird curtain, right? When she walked up on stage to accept her award, she kept picking it up and trying to move it to one side or another, and after realizing she couldn’t, she kind of just held it in front of her. I like the overall concept but I don’t think a real skirt would have hurt anyone here. And finally, Adele. Goddess of the evening, in a color that is apparently now referred to as “Adele green” because it just looks that good on her that none of us are allowed to wear it. Again, not an easy color to wear for most, but it just works for her. And I’m sorry, but has her hair and makeup ever looked better? (The answer is no in case you haven’t figured it out yet.) I’m not going to lie though, I don’t love the criss cross pattern on the bodice. It reminds me of those seatbelt purses that kind of had a moment in what, the early 2000s? I don’t think it’s flattering and like others at the Grammys that evening, it’s unnecessary. There’s like four different materials going on in this thing and all of them are going every which way. My poor eyes don’t know where they’re supposed to look.

LS_Grammy Fashion 3

It just goes to show you there is no such thing anymore as a little black dress. Chrissy Teigen looked super cool in this kind of gothic gown, although it sort of confuses me as to how she actually got into it. I’m not a super fan of the sort of wet hair style – in fact it actually kind of reminds me of the “before” look in her TRESemmé commercial. Lady Gaga… I mean, what is there to say, really. Would you believe me if I said I didn’t hate this on her? Like only Gaga could make this work. Let us remind ourselves, exactly a week ago she was being lowered in the the Super Bowl stadium wearing nothing but glittery panties and bedazzled football pads. At the Grammys she was performing a Metallica song… with Metallica. When you think about it that way, this outfit actually makes perfect sense. I have a soft spot for a girl that commits to a theme. On the opposite end we have Kristin Cavallari, who was on-hand to host the pre-pre show which basically consisted of the easiest celebrity parlor games I have ever seen (and trust me, I watched all two hours in its entirety), in what is possibly the most boring gown I have ever seen, in spite of the fact that it’s basically cut down to her navel. I was actually a little concerned seeing her. Maybe it’s just been a while, but I thought she looked very gaunt on television (so I can only imagine how she looks in real life). She’s also a victim of what I think is recent epidemic: over-contouring (which could also explain why her facial structure looks so different). There is a LOT of bronzer happening here. I’m going to call this the Kardashian effect and suggest that we start to tone it down a bit, ladies. To me, she’s looks like she’s in need of both sides of a Ponds wife and a Clarisonic Mia stat. The always lovely Laverne Cox was kind of feeling the rocker vibe too, and while I think she’s gorgeous and can wear everything, I’m partial to her glowing goddess look versus hardcore liner and a tight pony. But again, definitely on theme with the evening (and she got to meet Beyonce so she’s probably going to be wearing this outfit every day for the rest of her life).

LS_Grammy Fashion 4

I’m just not sure about this group. I don’t immediately hate everything that everyone is wearing, but there’s just something about all of these looks that just isn’t quite right. Katharine McPhee looks like she’s going to a company party or something. Like that is seriously one of the most boring Grammys outfits I have ever seen. I was pleasantly surprised to see Charlie XCX class it up a little bit – as much as I love her kind of crazy style, I was also shocked at how beautiful she is when she’s not wearing like, lingerie as clothing. I just wish the fabric of this dress didn’t so closely resemble a tablecloth (although this color does look gorg on her) and the draping in the front gives me the sads. With Paris Jackson I don’t quite know where to look. First of all, how odd that her dress and the top half of Katharine McPhee’s are so similar?! Secondly, these criss-cross rainbow panels hanging every which way make me worried about a potential wardrobe malfunction. I do LOVE that little geometric clutch though. And Lea Michele… I swear she showed up on the Grammy red carpet still wearing Hester’s back brace from season one of Scream Queens. I think the dress itself is very pretty, but between the crop top and the very thick collar (can you have both a halter and a turtleneck at the same time?), there is just something about this that is not working. Also she made that Wednesday Addams face the entire time on the red carpet. I can’t look at this picture for too long without having nightmares. And she’s another one I want to add to my too much bronzer/contouring club. I thought her cheeks looked like they were stained with actual dirt. Less is more, girl!

LS_Grammy Fashion 5

Sigh. Ladies, what do we have here? A hot mess (minus the hot), that’s what. I was shocked to see Elle King show up in something so overly girly, with a hideous matching flower crown and all. I mean, she’s normally so bad-ass. And this isn’t even like, a good girly dress, like Gwyneth’s Oscar gown of 1999, this is like a convenience store brand princess Halloween costume. Given that she was high for the entirety of the Grammy red carpet this kind of makes sense – at least there’s a reason for that dopey look on her face. Maybe that explains the dress choice too. I am actually kind of offended by Taraji P. Henson because usually she is so on point with her style, I just cannot believe she showed up at the Grammy Awards in this Bat Mitzvah dress. Seriously – this dress is made for a wealthy teenager that just got back from space camp. It is too short, too tight, and has more flair then a denim jacket on a member of the Brat Pack. Tori Kelly is literally drowning in what I can only imagine is twenty-five pounds of jungle green jersey knit ruffles. She’s gotta be, what – 5’2? She should only be wearing this dress barefoot on vacation in Cancun, not on the Grammy red carpet. And of course, Heidi Klum showed up wearing basically a shirt, which is sort of fine because her legs are so damn amazing, but then it’s also like hey girl – where are your pants?! Seriously, I’m bored with this sort of thing from her. It is the GRAMMY Awards! Nothing is shocking anymore! At this point wearing something that short just seems like she is trying really, really hard. And she doesn’t have to, she’s a GD Angel (both literally and figuratively).

LS_Grammy Fashion 6

And this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The worst of the worst of the 2017 Grammy Awards red carpet. It had to be someone… I just was really hoping it wasn’t Katy Perry. We’ve been waiting for so long for her to come back on the scene with some new music, and then the first time we see her she’s gunning for a role as the feather duster in the new Beauty and the Beast. Actually, you know what? I’m not hating on the feathers. I don’t mind a fun twist on an award show outfit. I do mind however, when it’s the same shade as a paper bag. Seriously, this is one of the worst colors to put on a human being. Everything about this dress fits incorrectly and it’s doing not one favor for Ms. Perry’s rockin’ bod. And I’m sorry, I know she’s a hair color chameleon but I hate the blonde hair on her. It’s just not how I see my Katy Kat. Celine Dion is a treasure of the world, but here she looks more like a present. A really hideous, cheesy Christmas present. C’mon, the only time a dress like this is acceptable is on the annual holiday Barbie. Plus Celine is all about the hair! I miss that big, voluminous mane of hers. I know Halsey is not like your everyday pop princess, so she’s not going to show up in anything expected or girly. However I do wish that she had just worn actual clothes. Wasn’t the pajama thing like coming and going three years ago? And hello, if you are going to wear a silk pj set on the Grammy Awards red carpet, do us all a favor and give them a quick steam first? And capping it off in what I can only describe as an audition to be the fourth Sanderson sister in a Hocus Pocus remake… Rihanna. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Remember her red Alaia number a few years ago? Gone. Gone are those days of glamour, replaced by an orange chest plate and a poofy ruffled skirt that even Scarlett O’Hara wouldn’t be caught dead in. This ensemble would drive me to drink too.

Another one down, and you know what that means… in just ONE WEEK the mother of all red carpets – the Oscars!

And remember, if waiting  week for a blog post is too long for you, make sure to follow along in real time on the night of over on my Facebook page, Twitter, and depending on how much I decide to annoy my husband, Snapchat.

Until then,


All photos via E! Online.

Granite State of Mind

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I’ve thought about writing a post like this for a while now. I have written it and rewritten it ten times in my head since November 9, 2016. Each time I tried to put fingers to keys, I either felt like I couldn’t eloquently share my thoughts without blending in with all of the other millions of people expressing their anger and frustration over the outcome of the election, or I convinced myself that my little fashion/celeb/lifestyle blog (or whatever you want to call this) wasn’t the right venue for such feelings. See, I like to keep things happy and light around here. Same goes for social media. The biggest argument I tend to get into with people online are whether or not pants are appropriate attire for award show season (official stance: they are not). To me, politics are like religion – a very personal thing that can quickly ruin a dinner party. I know how I feel about certain issues, but I operate under the assumption that no one else needs to, or frankly cares about my opinion.

After the election, I was a wreck. I was overcome with emotions that I don’t think I had truly ever experienced before. I did my part, I voted in the primaries and in the major election for both national and local candidates. I read the questions. I didn’t campaign for anyone, nor did I spend months sharing my politics on the wall of my Facebook page. I just voted for who I felt was right for the job. And I lost. Well, not me personally, but the candidate I believed in. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before – there have been other elections where I didn’t pick “the winner.” But I don’t remember it feeling like an absolute punch to the gut the way this did. For a day and a half, I couldn’t stop crying. I consider myself a sensitive, maybe slightly emotional person, but I can usually contain myself in public or at the office, but not this time. I woke up thinking that the coverage I watched for hours the night before was a nightmare. It wasn’t. I had fallen asleep with tears in my eyes and woke up to find myself crying again. I didn’t want to get out of bed, to go to work and act like a normal human being when I felt such a horrible shift in the world had happened overnight. It was like I had a horrific hangover that not even the greasiest breakfast sandwich could heal.

I thought the feeling would subside as the day went on, but it didn’t. Why couldn’t I shake this? Bad things have happened in the world before. Bad things have happened to me before. Technically, a lot of this was happening far, far away from me and wouldn’t even necessarily impact my life that day, or maybe even for days after. But the hopelessness continued to hang over my head. Whenever a coworker asked if I was okay, I would just start crying again because I couldn’t talk about it one more time (also it didn’t feel like appropriate watercooler chat). I was at such a loss of what to do that I began to think of different coping methods that I don’t usually turn to in order to feel better. I sat there for a period of time wondering if churches were open that day (I’m married to a Catholic and occasionally attend services, but I don’t have particularly strong religious ties myself) and I could talk to a priest. I thought about going back to therapy, which I had done earlier in the year and had felt made a huge difference in my life. I considered going to yoga but didn’t feel like I had the energy after staying up way too late watching CNN the night before. All of those probably would have been better options than what I did, which was cry some more, watch Bravo, and shut down in my apartment by myself, assuring my husband that he should still keep our weekly Wednesday night dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants and just go out with his guy friends.

I know what some of you are probably thinking. Yes, I am a straight white middle class women who has lived a life with far less problems than many other people in this country. I fully appreciate the privilege that I have had in my thirty-one years thus far that so many others have been denied. I have had very few instances where I felt like I didn’t matter, like my feelings weren’t valid or that I was in some way a second-class citizen. But for the first time, I felt like my rights were in danger. I found myself in an unsettling state worrying about what the future would hold for women all over this country, for my family, for children I don’t even have, and for my friends – especially my girlfriends that had just had babies or were pregnant. Thinking about their kids growing up in world where hatred and bigotry and sexism and prejudice would be just a regular part of our rhetoric made me sick to my stomach the more and more I thought about it.

For the first time probably since I’ve had social media, I went on about a week-long hiatus, only logging into the accounts I manage for work, and always immediately clicking onto my company’s profile page instead of looking at feeds. I know we’re all entitled to our own feelings, but the thought of reading everyone’s depressing posts (and a few gloating ones as well) was too much for me. I couldn’t come to terms with my own emotions, and scrolling endlessly through the black hole of Facebook didn’t seem like it was going to help me get there any quicker.

My closest Nantucket friends and I shared our disappointment and fear with each other, which led to discussing the future. We didn’t know what we could do to help ourselves and help others in this new world that was going to exist, but we wanted to find out. Sure, life went on for us as usual, but there was always this January 20 deadline looming in the back of our minds where things were going to be different, and most likely, not for the better. So when I saw the women’s marches start popping up around the country, I immediately texted my friends Molly and Katie and asked them if they were interested in participating.

Now being on a island makes traveling for things like this extra tricky (we had originally considered going down to D.C. before we realized how long it would truly take us, including ferry time), which is why I was ecstatic to find an event right in my home state of New Hampshire at the capitol building in Concord. Instead of a “march,” it was presented as the NH Women’s Day of Action and Unity in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington. Molly’s boyfriend lives in Concord, so we would have a place to stay and a relatively easy weekend of traveling.

(In case you’re wondering, our t-shirts are from Otherwild and 25% of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.)

I have to say, leading up to the rally I was a little nervous. Call me crazy, but the current state of the world has made me a bit more paranoid than I used to be. I woke up before my alarm that morning (which if you know me, you know that never happens) in a panic, thinking about all the bad things that could potentially happen outside the state house. I mean, it’s hard nowadays to feel like you’re safe anywhere when mass shootings happen at schools, churches, movie theaters, office buildings, airports – need I continue? My father and my husband both cautioned me to “just be careful” and to pay attention to my surroundings. “I support you,” Steve said when I told him about our excursion. “But just remember that not everyone out there does too.”

But it was like magic. As soon as I arrived and entered the lawn amongst a sea of women, children, and yes, even a few men – all holding signs and wearing pink hats – any feelings I had of fear dissipated, and never popped back into my head at any point throughout the day.

I don’t remember the details of all of the things that were said by the roster of absolutely amazing speakers (but fortunately some videos and transcriptions have been posted in the event’s Facebook group) but I can tell you that the feeling of camaraderie is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. I can’t tell you the last time that I was that moved or inspired or at peace with a group of strangers – 5,000 strangers, to be exact. And there were so many different types of people represented who spoke so beautifully about what they fear but also what they love about this country and the people in it – even though there were many times when they were not shown the same respect. We heard from politicians, students, refugees, union workers, trans activists, authors, mothers – all who came together to share their concerns for the future under this new administration.

I’ve seen some refer to these gatherings as protests, which I don’t feel accurately describes the event that I experienced this past weekend. Sure, there were some signs poking fun at our new commander-in-chief, but I didn’t hear any talk that was vicious or violent or filled with hatred, even for a man who has in just a few short days has offended and threatened so many. In fact, his name was barely even uttered. For us, it truly was about coming together, expressing our frustrations constructively, and beginning what is hopefully going to be a productive course of action for the future. I left feeling empowered and proud to be from this little state, where for the first time in awhile, it felt like I mattered. WE mattered.

When the day was over, my friends and I couldn’t stop talking about our favorite parts of the demonstration. We kept referring back to the stories that made an impact on us, the signs that made us laugh, and the moments that made the day unforgettable (like when some guy climbed atop the Daniel Webster statue and pulled an “Equality” t-shirt over his head – still not sure how he made it through that one unharmed!). But most of all, we couldn’t believe just how nice everyone was. Like the second a wheelchair needed to come through, the crowds would immediately part. Or if someone bumped into you, they apologized profusely and then smiled at you. It was a nice reminder that even in a country where your president spouts off degrading insults to different groups of people and individuals on a daily basis that there are still some kind souls out there. Another positive about attending this event as compared to say, the one in Boston, is that we could move about freely the entire day. At no point were any of us shoved up against each other or felt like cattle in a herd. We moved up to the front when we wanted to without a single push. When people refer to peaceful demonstrations, this is what they’re talking about.

I think the biggest question that myself and many others have had is “what now?” There were over 600 marches in this country – that’s a lot of fired up, mobilized people that seem primed for action. We started by signing up for the Women’s March “10 Actions for the First 100 Days” initiative. It’s super easy, you just provide your email and they send a prompt every ten days to remind you of something you can do to take action on an issue of concern (the first is writing postcards to your senator – they have easy to download PDFs right on the webpage).

The next thing is to get involved. This can mean different things for different people. This article has some good basic steps on where to go from here. I know a big thing that’s not going to happen overnight is for women to get more involved in their local governments. The fact is, there just aren’t enough of us fighting our rights. And regardless of that, women make up half of this country, but with such a small percentage of females in political roles, we are way underrepresented (exhibited grossly during moment like this). I was excited to find that someone had just started a special group for this right here on Nantucket, and on Tuesday evening I attended their first event, a panel discussion with various women who have held public offices in the community (which is run town government style – think Gilmore Girls town meetings). It was the perfect follow up to the events of the weekend.

So what does this mean for me? Don’t worry – I’m not saying that posts like this are going to be happening on the reg from now on. There will still be plenty of celebrity gossip fodder, reality television, #ootds, and all the other things you’re used to seeing from me. But this is my space on the internet, and if I feel really strongly about something, I may just express it here. And you can read it or not, you can agree or disagree, and frankly, it doesn’t matter (to you or to me). Because the world is going to keep on spinning, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do my part to make it just a little bit better for the people living in it.

One more thing: I wanted to share a few resources/articles that I have personally found helpful in this post-march world (some of which came from the meeting I attended here on ACK):

SheShouldRun.org – A non-profit organization aimed at helping girls aspire to run for office. When was the last time you heard a girl say she wants to be president? Or a representative or town clerk or something? (Okay, so probably never on that one. But we need to let them know it’s a possibility!)

Countable – This app keeps you up to date on what votes are facing your legislators and lets you to message them through the app with just a few clicks.

Female Empowerment Playlist – My friends and I were commenting on how awesome the music was at the rally (we meant to make our own girl power playlist for the ride, but alas, ran out of time), and thankfully the event organizers shared the playlist, created by a Planned Parenthood NH Action Fund intern.

VoteRunLead.org – Another one that helps women aim for political leadership by providing webinars, trainings, and other tools.

How to Be an Intersectional Feminist Ally at the Women’s March – I know this is from before the marches this weekend, but it’s a good read if you need help understanding how to be supportive and sensitive in our current political climate.

Best Signs from Women’s Marches Around the Country – I loved attending our smaller scale event, but it also gave me the warm fuzzies to see other women all around the United States and how amazingly creative/thoughtful/witty they are.

And on that note… – Even more signs. But the Betchy ones.

And now, we bring you back to your regularly scheduled programming. After all, there are tons of other issues facing us today. Like does Corinne have narcolepsy or is she just following the pattern of successful figures in American history? Did Meryl Streep really deserve her twentieth Oscar nomination over Amy Adams, whose slumming it at a mere five? Is Selena Gomez just using The Weeknd to get back at Bieber, or is it possible for a young woman to do something for herself and not a man-boy she hasn’t dated in two years?

Only time will tell. But you know I always look forward to finding out.