Home is Wherever I’m With You (Pt. 1)

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Today’s post is a year in the making, not only because it took me that long to sort through over a thousand photos, but because today is also Bridget and Ted’s one year anniversary!

You may remember this adorable couple from the e-session I did with them last year in Boston. Bridget and I survived the trenches of high-end children’s retail and lived to tell the tale, and I was completely honored when she asked me to shoot her August ceremony + reception. So for my eighth and final wedding of 2015, I got to play the role of photographer/guest at their nuptials, which was amazing because not only do I love photographing people that I already know and adore, but I also got to reunite with some of my AG ladies that I hadn’t seen for a long time (and no, I don’t mean Kirsten and Samantha).

So much can change in a year. There have been ups and downs for this couple throughout their relationship, but they truly support each other through it all. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as Bridget and Ted are now pregnant and having a baby this January! I had so much fun reminiscing about this wedding, and I hope to continue to be their official family photographer when Baby K arrives in 2017.

So grab a snack, sit back and relax, because folks – this is a long one. It was so hard to narrow it down – I loved so many of the pictures from this night that I was basically avoiding this post because I knew it would take me forever to pick my favorites. But I told Bridget I would have a post to commemorate her first anniversary, and dammit, an American Girl always keeps her promises. So here’s to Bridget and Ted!







































39 40





(Disclaimer: Wow, I wasn’t kidding about how many favorite photos I had from this wedding. I’m pausing here at the halfway point – look for the formals/reception photos in the next post… coming soon!)

My Ellie Kai|Daytime Casual

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I have a lot of clothes. Like I’ve broken two closet rods a lot. My favorite pieces are by far my dresses. At one point I had over 100 in my arsenal, which I completely understand is kind of crazy. Keep in mind probably 75 of them were from Forever 21 and cost less than $15. As I get older, I’m starting to really go for this whole “quality versus quantity” thing, and that’s where Ellie Kai comes in.

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

I had first heard of Ellie Kai at a trunk show at an event in 2014 here on Nantucket. I thought the concept was cool, but still was hesitant about custom-ordering a dress online. Like an addict, the rush of shopping feeds my soul. Touching and feeling the fabrics, trying them on, and of course, getting a bargain, are all an essential part of my fashion DNA. Basically, with Ellie Kai, you choose a fabric and a style of dress, and poof! It’s made for you, celebrity-style. You can even add extra customizations like short, tall, etc. Is it a bargain? Not exactly, but you know that saying “you get what you pay for?” As an adult, I’m starting to learn how true that is.

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

When Kate asked me if I wanted to give Ellie Kai, I thought, why not? Summer on this island is filled with function after function, and I often go back and forth between attending things like a normal human to working them like a show pony. Hence why I chose the Kelsey sleeveless dress in Ketan, one of this season’s new prints. Wrap dresses are basically a universally flattering silhouette, and are office but also cocktail appropriate. There’s a gajillion and one patterns to choose from, but I decided to stick with something that would work with my already vast nautical wardrobe. Plus blue and white are basically the national colors of Nantucket. If we had a flag, this would be it!

When the dress arrived, I immediately starting thinking of all the ways I could style it. I knew I couldn’t just pick one! So this is the first of a mini-series of posts with the different options for wearing this baby out and about, starting with a casual daytime look. I’m so excited to have partnered with Rebecca Love Photography – if you need any kind of photos on Nantucket (wedding, family portraits, little kids – you name it), she’s your girl. We spent a gorgeous Sunday morning walking around downtown and she indulged all of my blogger fantasies by telling me how cute I looked as I melted into a pile of humble goo and performed quick changes out of my car. We had the best time and I hope to work with her again very soon. Like tomorrow and then the next day and then maybe just all the time 🙂

Check out my daytime look, and stay tuned for evening and office styles to come!


Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Blue and white Ellie Kai dress

Ellie Kai Kelsey dress c/o / H&M denim jacket (old, similar here)/ Kate Spade clutch (outlet find, sort of similar here / Kendra Scott earrings / Vintage brooch / Jack Rogers sandals / Old Navy & vintage rings / Burt’s Bees lipstick in Fuchsia Flood

Living on the Wedge

Written by Lindsay Scouras

You guys know I’m something of a bargain hunter. I love getting a good deal on something, so much so that I can still identify exactly how much I paid for a majority of the zillions of pieces that make up my wardrobe. But now I’m getting into a weird stage in my life where I’m starting to think that I should maybe go for quality over price? (I know, adulting is weird.) Don’t get me wrong, I will still head to Forever 21 for a trendy piece of jewelry that I won’t cry about if it turns parts of my body green.

But now here I am, oh so close to my thirty-first birthday, and starting to wonder if the money I’ve spent of the “fast fashion” items that I’ve picked up in the past should be used towards better-made pieces that could potentially last me more than a season or two.

So this brings me to my latest quest (or obsession, as some would call it, but let’s not get all judgey here): the perfect summer wedge. I have been rocking a pair from TJ Maxx that I spent $30 on five years ago. They have elastic straps and a heel covered in a braided hemp material that has slowly been shedding over the years. I would like to think that I have well gotten my money’s worth (I mean, that’s a whopping $6 per year) but seriously, it’s time for those babies to head to shoe heaven.

Here’s my current conundrum – I want a new pair of neutral, tan wedges. However, in my older, wiser age, I have become increasingly pickier without really expanding my budget. And I read approximately 648 more blogs now, and of course fell in love with a super-expensive pair of Tory Burch wedges that go with everything that there’s no way I could ever bring myself to actually buy (nor would I be let back into my home if I went out and spent this on a whim).

TB 2

But they’re beautiful, supple leather in a perfect in-between brown and tan shade that obviously would go with everything (as exhibited on a constant basis by Cait of Southern Curls & Pearls). And to add insult to injury, I just happen to go online today and see that they are marked down from $325 to $227! Have I lived on a very expensive island for too long that I now think, “hey! That’s a great deal”?

In an effort to calm my constant craving for said wedge, I decided to search a few of my favorite affordable stores and see if there was anything remotely similar at a lower price point that would temporarily quench my insatiable shoe thirst. So I bring you, my way cheaper wedge options:


dsw $39.95 / forever 21 $27.90 / nordstrom rack $39.97 / nordstrom rack $29.90 / tory burch (on sale for $227) / target $26.24 / lucky brand via zappos $89 / tj maxx $39.99

Let me explain the very specific criteria in which I searched:

  • I was looking for a light cognac/neutral/beige/tan wedge that could be worn universally with pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Day to night and all that business.
  • I hate the look of cork. Do you know how many wedges there are that aren’t made of cork? (I’ll give you a hint – you’re looking at them)
  • I was also kind of over the hemp thing. Which again, eliminated 75% of the options out there for wedges. One of these pairs has a hint of it because it was getting ridiculous and basically unavoidable.
  • I really wanted a solid platform (no wood/fake wood – the closest I got was the Target pair, because again, I was working with very little options).
  • I wanted a thicker strap for general security, because well… I sprained my foot once because of an Old Navy flip flop. So there’s history there.
  • I wanted height, but even at 5’3, I gotta draw the line somewhere. There’s a lot of cute Jessica Simpson options, but they are no joke, five inches tall. I live on an island made up of sand and cobblestones. You do the math.


And in the end… I still haven’t decided. Yes, my heart (and sole wink) yearns for the Tory Burch pair, but it’s just not a practical option for me right now (plus once your husband buys you Manolos, you’re pretty much not allowed to ask for another fancy shoe for like at least five years). I was all set to pull the trigger on the Target pair and at least get through this summer, but the practical side of me decided to read the reviews and saw multiple complaints saying that these wedges just fall apart immediately. So now I’m just kind of hanging back in shoe limbo.

So what would you do? Fork over the big bucks or rock a bargain brand and hope it makes it through the summer? If you need me, I’ll be here, drooling over my laptop.


A Letter to Kate Spade

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Dear Kate Spade,

Why do you do this to me? We’ve been in a pretty committed relationship now for what… over five years now (wow – time really does fly, doesn’t it?). Why I remember on Christmas morning when I opened my very first gift from you – a neon pink Stevie bag with tan accents and an inner lining adorned with witty newspaper personal ads. And now we’ve built quite a life together. As much as I love you and think of you often, we’ve had to take a bit of a break from each other (not a break-up, but more of a Rachel Green “on a break” situation). So why is it that you come charging back into my life with a “surprise sale” when you know I need to stay away from you… for now?

Living on an island has certainly made things easier. Back when I was a mere fifteen minutes away, we saw each other often. So much so, Steve started to get suspicious. But with an ocean between us, my husband’s concerns about our relationship have been assuaged. But these sales… damn these surprise sales! Why must you throw everything that is beautiful and good in my face during a time when I’m supposed to be saving money, thinking about my future, trying to plan a vacation? DAMMIT KATE, I LOVE YOU BUT I NEED SOME SPACE.

On second thought, I don’t need space. I need all of this:

Kate Spade Collage

You couldn’t just stop with the gorgeous wellesley floral, could you? You also had to throw in the southport avenue in the perfect shade of sunny summer yellow. And lest we not forget my love all things nautical, navy, and white. You really cut right through with the make a splash passport cover and the polka dot duck umbrella, perfect for grey lady days. And then you poured salt on the wound with the crystal gumdrop studs and a dainty open spade pendant. I think I need the genette sunglasses just to shield the world from my tears that I will never know the feeling of wrapping myself in the leopard dot tie back dress or the bow stripe mariella. I hope everyone else is thoroughly enjoying your sale shenanigans, because this lady is not falling for it (especially since it ends tonight at 11:59 P.M. – you certainly have a way of keeping a girl hanging on until the last minute!).

So Kate, we’re done for now. Not because we’re wrong for each other, but basically – I just don’t know how to quit you. And I’d like to stay married (especially to a man who knows his way around an outlet, amirite ladies?).



P.S. If you would like to get back into my good graces (as I’m sure you do), just a small reminder… my birthday is July 31. My golden birthday. So there’s that.

And They Were All Yellow

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Breaking news: It is no longer winter in New England.

I know one can never speak too soon (after all, it did snow the day of my prom and yes it was fourteen years ago and NO I’M STILL NOT OVER IT), but I did feel secure enough in the slow creep of the temperature to relegate my sweaters and mittens to the confines of their Space Bags.

On Nantucket, the true arrival of spring comes with the annual Daffodil Festival, which starts on Main Street and finishes out in the postcard-perfect village of ‘Sconset. You may remember that this marked my first Nantucket Community Television appearance last year and ever since I arrived on the rock, it has always been one of my favorite island events. Everyone is always happy and smiling, so excited to breathe in the fresh air after being trapped inside all winter, there’s thematically-decorated antique cars and dogs wearing little outfits, and of course, flowers. Seriously, I had never seen so many daffodils until I moved here. I mean they die before spring truly kicks into overdrive, but for a solid couple of weeks, the island is covered in yellow and green.

Speaking of spring colors, my other favorite thing about the Daffodil Festival is that nothing is off-limits when it comes to dress. Most people just go all out on the day of the actual parade, but me? You know i can’t resist a theme. So for the last few years, I’ve chosen to rock my Daffy colors the entire week leading up to the festival, complete with marigold mani.

Check out this week’s ensembles, inspired by my favorite Nantucket springtime tradition:


New York & Company cardi (old, but this one is a perfect Daffy substitute)

Old Navy tank (old, similar here), flats & ring

J.Crew pants (same style, different colors) / Kate Spade earrings & watch


Old Navy chambray (old, similar here) / J.Crew skirt (same style, different color)

ILY Couture necklace (old, similar here)/ Target flats (out of stock, similar here)

Kate Spade watch


Banana Republic top & jacket (super old, similar style here & here)

J.Crew skirt / Kate Spade earrings / Dolce Vita booties via Nordstrom Rack


Old Navy chambray / Charlotte Russe necklace (similar here)

J.Crew pants (same style, different colors) / Old Navy flats


J.Crew dress (same style, different color) & blazer

Kate Spade necklace (old outlet find, different nautical style here / Old Navy flats

Nantucket bracelet (I can’t remember where I bought it, but I’m going to figure it out!)

Of course all of this was leading to the event itself, which was probably one of my favorite experiences since I’ve lived on this island. It was by far the best the best weather of the last three years, and I felt so much more prepared for my hosting duties than I did the first time around (which is hopefully obvious in this year’s footage compared to 2015). The only bummer was that Steve and Schooner weren’t here to enjoy the festivities, but luckily my fellow food-savvy friends camped out with a pretty bomb picnic in ‘Sconset.

Want to see for yourself what the Daffodil Festival is really like? You can watch a little behind-the-scenes recap on my Snapchat story (are we friends yet? You can follow me on Snapchat – my username is LegallyLinz!) .

Check out this year’s coverage of the event from our local station, NCTV 18, hosted by yours truly!

Had enough yellow yet? I have to admit, it’s not a universal color that everyone can pull off. But Nantucket, you wear it well.


M-M-M-My Sephora

Written by Lindsay Scouras

I’m really running out of titles for these posts that are in no way related to Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics. What’s a girl to do?!

I shot this video back in January to showcase some of the products I received/picked up during the holidays. When you live on an island, it’s a pain sometimes to have to wait until you can hit up a Sephora to stock up on beauty products. Yes, I know you can ship, but who wants to take that chance on unreturnable, expensive makeup products if it’s something you’ve never tried before?

Some of these are restocks, others are things that I had been dying to try. Check out the video below and links to products at the bottom!

Every Drop Lip Spatula/Every Drop Beauty Spatula/Essie Holiday Hostess Gift Kit
No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner/NARS Lipstick in Schiap
Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade in Taupe/Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #14

I’ve gotten some good feedback on the few videos I’ve done, but I’d love to know what other things you guys would like to see on here. I’m no expert, nor do I consider myself a “beauty blogger,” but I love being able to share real products that I use with you all. I would love to do some other tutorials, but as you can tell, my video editing skills at the moment are shall we say…limited (as in, I have none at all and if I need to do something, I sort of just figure it out along the way/Google it). But let me know! Leave me a comment here or over on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!


I Woke Up Like This (Not Flawless) Pt. 2

Written by Lindsay Scouras

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m in the process of testing a new regimen from the premium skincare line Rodan + Fields (you can check out this post here or watch my YouTube video to see day one).

LisaYou’ve already heard about my skincare journey, so now it’s time to get to know Lisa Russo Lothian, my R+F consultant!

How did you find out about Rodan + Fields?

I found out about the company when a high school friend of mine posted about her business on Facebook. Since I was turning thirty-six and was starting to see the effects of aging, I decided to give myself the REDEFINE regimen for Christmas. Best gift I ever gave myself!

What drew you to the company and made you want to get involved?

After using the products for about three months and falling in love with them, I became really interested in the business side of Rodan + Fields. It helped that I knew a girl from high school whose husband just retired at thirty-four years old because his wife’s R+F business was doing so well. I was like, “I’m in!!” And honestly haven’t looked back since.

What are the biggest changes in your skin that you’ve noticed since switching to these products?

The biggest change in my skin since starting my regimen is a softer, more glowing skin tone. The texture is firmer and I notice a lot less discoloration. Basically I feel like a teenager again!

Why are these products worth the investment?

Premium skincare is something that we all should be using to help preserve our skin and also reverse the effects of sun damage and exposure. Rodan + Fields was created by Stanford-trained dermatologists, who have a combined fifty years experience in skincare. Plus, you are saving money on office visits to a dermatologist.

What is your Rodan + Fields favorite product?

People ask me that all the time, and while I highly recommend all of our products, I would have to say my favorite product is our AMP MD roller and night serum. The roller has little acupuncture needles that when rolled over your skin, make a tiny “wound” and send a message to your natural collagen to amp up production. Also, it helps the night serum (which feels like liquid silk!) penetrate the skin even more.

What is the biggest mistake that people make with their skin care routine?

Hands down, the biggest mistake people make with a skincare routine is not being consistent. You have to be consistent to see results. I leave my eye cream next to my bed, so even when I’m super tired, it’s right there to use before I fall asleep.

How has working with Rodan + Fields impacted your life?

Working for Rodan + Fields has allowed me to dream again. Crazy big dreams that most people laugh at, but I know are possible. My goal is to have my husband retired by forty and have the ability to travel with my family all over the world, while working my business from my iPhone or computer. We like to say in this business “all you need is Wi-Fi and a dream.”


If you’re interested in talking to Lisa about products or want information about becoming a Rodan + Fields consultant, you can check out her page here!

In the meantime, I am so excited to do my very first giveaway! Lisa was kind enough to supply three readers with a special R+F “mini-facial” sample, containing a microdermabrasion paste packet, a capsule of night serum, and a capsule of hydrating lip serum. Enter using the link below! (Contest ends on March 26, 2016 at 12 A.M.)


This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to winners Caitlin R. & Nicole D.!

The Greatest Point of All

Written by Lindsay Scouras

This month, I will have officially lived on the island of Nantucket for three years. I would say in that time, I’ve accomplished maybe half of the things on my Nantucket bucket list (and most of them involve eating so I don’t know if that counts). Well in February, we checked off another as Steve drove us and our friends Jessica and Jonathan (and our respective pups, of course) out to Great Point to check out the lighthouse!

Great Point_1

Okay, disclaimer: I have been to Great Point one and a half times already. The one time was on Easter 2015, but it was dusk and I could barely see anything, let alone take photos. The half time was when we tried to take our friends Alisa and Kevin out there and Steve’s engine overheated and we had to turn back. Oops.

Nantucket has three lighthouses, and Great Point is by far the most challenging to get to. It sits on the very tip of the island on the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. You need a certain type of car that can drive through sand (which is very soft), a special permit, and you have to let a bunch of the air out of your tires before you hit the beach.

Great Point_2

The lighthouse was built in the late 1700s, and it still operates today (with helpful modern additions like solar panels). Nantucket doesn’t have a lot of particularly large structures, so at seventy feet high, it’s definitely a sight to see!

Great Point_3

We brought lunch with us and used our convenient L.L. Bean compact camp table to enjoy our meal by the lighthouse.

Great Point_4

Given its remoteness (and the fact that it was February) it was nice to be totally alone on the beach and let the pups run free. Normally I’m worried about Schooner stealing beach toys from small children or going up to old people and barking in their faces, so that was a nice change.

Great Point_5

I somehow forgot to ask someone to take a photo of me. But I promise, I was there.

Great Point_6

The only company you really have to worry about there? The seals. So many seals! Frankly, I think this is what Jessica and I were most excited to see out there! Since it’s mostly unoccupied, seals just like hang out there all day long. I was worried that Schooner would try and attack them (after all, they are “pups”) but he wasn’t particularly intrigued.

Great Point_7

Great Point_8

I kept pushing my luck, trying to get as close to the seals as possible to get photos. Like seriously, when again in my life will I ever do this?! Totally worth a potential seal attack (I’ve heard they’re pretty mean and territorial when provoked).

Great Point_8a

If anything, the seals were quite aloof. Every once in awhile they would check us out, and then turn back around like they couldn’t care less that we were there. I found this adorable.

Great Point_9

Sometimes I wish I was a seal. Sun bathing on the beach, a few dips in the ocean. They just look so content hanging out there all day!

Great Point_10

Can we talk about the spots? I loved the spotted ones! They were like little dalmatians. And by little, I mean they were kind of gigantic (you would be too, if you just laid around all the time).

Great Point_11

I seriously wanted to take that piece of driftwood home. I swear you would pay thousands of dollars for a chandelier made out of it from one of the fancy home stores downtown.

Great Point_12

All in all, it was a great day (especially when you think about what the weather was like a year ago in February – yikes), and definitely a quintessential ACK-perience that we won’t soon forget.

Great Point_13

If you can make the trip out there, I definitely recommend it because it’s a totally unique experience and not something that all of the usual Nantucket day-tripping tourists are able to do. Just watch out for those seals.

Until next time,


To Grammys House We Go

Written by Lindsay Scouras

Have you recovered yet from the Grammys last night? Between sitting on the edge of my seat during the red carpet anticipating a potential Kanye/T Swift throwdown and the crushing blow of Adele not nailing every single note (but of course, still sounding ten thousand times better than every other artist that performed), combined with lack of sleep (an award show that goes until 11:30 PM on a Monday night? I can’t) and I’m definitely feeling something similar to a hangover today. Not to mention a total snoozefest of ensembles for what should be one of the most entertaining fashion evenings of the year. Everyone always talks about the Grammys as one of the few big award shows where it’s okay to go a little out there. Which somehow still resulted this year in… black. So much black. Seriously, people? That’s the best you can do? Oh, nevermind, there’s a slit up to your pelvic bone. How innovative!

Also, despite the fact that I started watching the preshow the second I got home from work (because again, it was a MONDAY and some of us can’t tune into your pre-pre-preshow at 4 PM, okay E?), when I went searching for arrival photos, I felt like there was a much smaller pool than usual of big-name stars to choose from. There’s also a lot of crazy people that no one has ever heard of but get an immediate bump in their Google searches from showing up in the craziest thing they can try to pass off as clothing (I hate to break it to you, but this is not a dress). When I was putting together my collages I was shocked at how few photos I actually came up with. And let’s be totally upfront: there was no one that I was so enamored by as to declare a “best dressed.” It’s a scary time we’re living in, people. Scary times.


So of everyone that made an appearance last night, this group is probably the ones that could be considered the most wearable (and colorful – praise Beyonce). Selena Gomez looked beautiful, but I couldn’t help but feel that this dress has been done time and time again, mainly by Sofia Vergara and the last ten years of Miss USA contestants. And I know Selena is hocking Pantene nowadays but I thought there was a bit too much hair happening in the back. Ariana Grande took what could have been a really elegant dress (in my favorite shade) and completely cheapened it with faux buttons on the corset (because…why?) and a really poorly-constructed cup situation. And that damn ponytail is back. Just when we thought she was starting to grow up a little… I think I really like Tori Kelly and this is a fantastic color on her, but I have to wonder – her stylist can see her, right? Why would this dress have not been altered? You could have chopped a foot off the bottom easily and it would probably propel her to best dressed, no problem. She’s like 5’4, and this dress is literally enveloping her (I also thought she should have won Best New Artist, but I guess it just wasn’t her night in more ways than one). I know a lot of people are declaring Taylor Swift to be the fiercest of them all, but I’m kind of on the fence about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love the color blocking (this being one of my favorite outfits ever) but I’m not crazy about the execution. It is a very small top relative to the skirt, which I think makes the red-orange color a little too jarring to look like it’s intentional. I think if you’re going to do it, the fabrics need to be identical or similar, and the skirt is so shiny in comparison. And I’m sorry, but I hate the giant granny underwear. I just don’t think the slit needs to be that high. Also I can’t think of anything less rock and roll than that haircut. I miss these days. I don’t really know much about Kacey Musgraves but I get the sense she’s not afraid of trying new looks, which I appreciate. Unfortunately, they’ve looked like this in the past. Which is why this year, I’m giving her the most improved award. She’s got a busy dress on, so keeping the hair simple was a welcome change for her, and I like the pop of color with her lipstick. I would have liked to see just one piece of jewelry. The decolletage area is just screaming for a (little) bling.

People I like

This is one group that is just giving me the sads all over. I like all of them, and I want to like their fashion choices… but alas, ’twas not meant to be. Carrie Underwood has done the Grammys so many times, I would have thought she had this one in the bag (remember the cape?!) She looks like the oldest and snootiest lady on the carpet. I just think this is way too formal for an event like this. Between the gown and the jewels and the hair, she looks like an extra in the party scene of The American President. Speaking of classy ladies, Adele phoned it in with a boring black number (with sleeves, ugh) that does nothing for her fantastic figure. Like, where is her waist? I know she has one! I will say, I was thoroughly digging the fresh and choppy ‘do. It was so nice not to see her with a perfectly coiffed bouffant. I don’t know what Anna Kendrick is wearing, but I’m utterly heartbroken about it because she is one of my absolute favorite people in Hollywood. She has such a fun personality – why is she stifling it into this late ’90s prom dress? Girl should just let Kate Spade dress her all the time.

Fair Enough

I don’t usually count “white” as a color variety at award shows but given how little actual color there was this evening, I’ll take what I can get! I love what Chrissy Teigen is wearing here (even though it’s a little bit of a Kim Kardashian kopycat), in fact, I think her overall style is way better preggo than not. It doesn’t hurt that she’s just a genetically blessed human being and doesn’t take herself too seriously. This is probably the first time I’ve seen Ellie Goulding and thought that she looked glamorous. She’s kind of working the “this is actually just a really fancy nightgown” look, but then you see the back and there’s like this insane metal accent that brought a little edge to what could have been a very girly look. Plus her hair + makeup? Perfection. I actually don’t hate Kaley Cuoco‘s white jumpsuit, in fact, this is the type of outfit that works at the Grammys (and only at the Grammys). Plus if I had her abs I would work them into every outfit all the time. I think the messy hair is good for this as well. Sometimes she just looks like she hasn’t discovered dry shampoo yet. Florence Welch is basically wearing an adult version of nightgown that any ’90s girl in her Sailor Moon phase would have coveted. I’m not saying I like it, I’m just saying… it’s a break from all of the black, if nothing else.


I mean, I guess you can’t say that these dresses are boring. So if that’s what they’re going for, they’ve succeeded. I know that Bella Hadid is a fashion golden child (I prefer Gigi myself), but I just think she always looks angry/tired/hungry. And in this, she looks cold too. It’s just like an Elvira costume, minus about two yards of fabric. Ciara‘s dress just make me nervous. I have a fear that some prankster is going to reach over and undo that tiny strip of fabric that is holding this whole business together. I sometimes feel like these award shows are providing an acceptable forum for celebs to try and out-slit each other. Forget Angelina’s leg – we’re showing full-fledged pelvic bone up in here. Like where else is there to go? Can we just declare Ciara to be some sort of winner and bring the hemlines back down a smidge (like seriously, it’s just not that interesting anymore). Vanessa Lachey seems to have gone the negative fabric route horizontally instead of vertically, but to me, it really just looks like she accidentally pulled one of her “night out” tops from her closet instead of the dress she intended to reach for. First of all, I cannot believe she is even there. Sure, she is married to a singer, but when was the last time you found yourself hearing a Nick Lachey tune? (If it’s anywhere than on Muzak in a coffee shop somewhere, then I don’t even know you anymore).


Okay, so there’s boring black dresses and then there’s just BAD black dresses. I’m always really sad when newbies come to the Grammys and just bite it before they’ve even had a chance to really try. Elle King, you are one of those people. I just want to say I think she is a cool-ass chick, which is why I’m shocked that she went with this aging lounge singer number. The fringe details are horribly placed, culminating with a hem that is a full foot too long for her petite frame. And I know it’s her first time, but can we get Miss Jay up in here for a five minute posing lesson? I actually felt sorry for Meghan Trainor when she won Best New Artist that night because I could not believe that she looked like a forty-five year old woman the night she won her Grammy. Again, what is with these sassy ladies and their inability to showcase their personalities through their clothing? I liked her better when she had those stupid pieces of tulle tied to her head, at least she looked like she was having a good time. Between the dress and the blah hair color (I appreciate the fresh chop though, because those extensions were looking haggard before this) this is just one big bore with a capital B. Now Janelle Monáe actually does have a personality, unfortunately it is not the bellhop/matador/inmate that she seems to be representing here. I miss the suits! Where’s a good cumberbund when you need it? Finally, Tove Lo‘s dress didn’t surprise me since she pretty much looks like this… always, but it’s the Grammys, and this is underwear. Not even like, sexy underwear, but like under your full length funeral gown granny underwear, with a bad shoe.

Suit Up

Okay, I’m not quite sure what to do with these ladies, but they didn’t fit with any of the others so they go together (like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong). The common denominator? Menswear-inspired suits. I know people LOVE Zendaya as like the poster girl for mixing it up and taking fashion risks, but I actually wish she had pushed the boundaries a little further with this. Sure, she’s rocking a mullet in 2016 (if that doesn’t scream “risk” than I don’t know what does), but she’s also got on a very high cut suit jacket with a button up shirt done practically all the way to her throat. I think she looks rather uncomfortable and restricted, and not particularly rock and/or roll. I like the idea of the suit, but this could have easily been done a little cuter. I don’t even feel like there’s anything to say about Lady Gaga. I mean, we get it. We know what you’re doing. Pod people in space know what you’re doing. I am just surprised that everything was so… literal. From the suit to the hair to the performance, it was just like DO YOU GET IT? I’M DAVID BOWIE!!! She gets a pass on this one, but then we’re going to have to send this one to the Haus of Gaga archives, ‘kay? And last but not least, Demi Lovato. Girl BLEW me away with her performance that night (no matter how dumb I thought a Lionel Richie tribute was… lest we forget, he’s still alive). This outfit is kind of everything Zendaya’s isn’t. It’s sexy and there’s lots of accessories, but I don’t know that I’m sold on it yet. It’s a really mature look for her, I might have almost preferred it to be like shorts or something? I swear I had a less slutty version of that skirt for my high school chorus concerts. When I looked at her, all I could think about was this. I also could have done without the extensions – I think her short choppy ‘do is so much cooler and edgier, which this ensemble could have used.

So what did you think overall? Did it seem like there weren’t that many outfits to critique? (Do you think that means they’re onto us?) Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed, but look on the bright side – this means the Oscars are less than two weeks away. Eeeeeeeeeeeee! That is me squealing, in digital form.

Until then,


 Photos: E Online

Lindz-terest: Happy New Year (ish?)

Written by Lindsay Scouras

It’s February. Is it too late to use the greeting “Happy 2016!”? Because it’s definitely still how I’m addressing all of my emails.

On that note, I hadn’t done a Lindz-terest post in a while, so it seemed like the perfect time in the “new year” to share all of the things I’m loving right now. As usual, there’s no rhyme or reason to any of this, just whatever links, music, fashion, decor, and more that are peaking my interest right now. So let’s get to it!

“Roses” by The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes

I have been in a total slump with music lately. Is it just me, or is every artist now saving all of their good music with the hopes of being one of the “songs of the summer”? Like I can’t listen to one more breathy Selena Gomez song and wonder if it is or isn’t about the Biebs. Once I heard this catchy EDM track on the radio, I was hooked. Like listen to it on repeat over and over again hooked. I don’t know anything about the artists (and was shocked to find out they put this song out in June) but I kind of love that it’s not everywhere yet. Yet being the keyword here.

Neon Winter Outfit from Southern Curls and Pearls

The chilly weather always seems to stunt my style. Sure, at first it’s fun to think about when the temp dips below forty degrees and you can wear colored tights again, but after a week, it’s like give me my sundresses back already. There’s only so many oversized sweaters and boots a girl can handle. The exception is this fun look from blogger Cait of Southern Curls and Pearls. She makes winter look like a breeze in this head to toe happy ensemble, so much so that I barely noticed all the white stuff around her. Her hat/coat/boot game during her entire recent trip to Lake Tahoe was so on point it almost makes me want to escape to a wintery locale versus a warm-weather vacation that Steve and I are trying to plan right now (emphasis on almost). Unfortunately, the hat is sold out (although if I ever spent $55 on a knit beanie I can most definitely assure that Steve would never take me anywhere again) and I’m hoping that maybe J.Crew Factory will come out with a more budget-friendly version of this sweater by the time next Christmas rolls around. And those Hunters… sigh. I have always wanted a pair, but am slightly crippled by not knowing which color is the best to invest in, beacause the correct answer is all of them.

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown Podcast


I never thought I’d be able to get into podcasts because I drive literally three miles to work, but I’ve somehow found time out of my car to listen to a few really good ones that really expand my thinking and open my mind to new ideas. Or you could just be completely entertained, which leads me to my new favorite, Bitch Sesh with Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider. If you are a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan (or just enjoy the mind suck that is Bravo in general), you will love listening to these two and their bevy of special guests (aka other comedians that are equal fanatics) break down all of the really important (no matter how minuscule) details of each week’s episode. My new goal is to be invited into Casey’s breakfast nook to one day share my own perspective on whether or not Yolanda is “really sick” (a very hotly debated topic on the show). Beverly Hills is actually the city I watch the least, and I still tune into this podcast every Wednesday like clockwork. It’s really helping to fill the void in my life from the cancellation of Happy Endings (yes, I know it happened in 2013 and no, I cannot get over it). Thankfully, it’s now on Hulu so Steve and I are very slowly binging in hopes that the fifty-seven episodes will sustain us for a little while.

Home Office Rolling Ladder from Addison’s Wonderland


I know our Pinterest boards are full of ridiculously expensive and unreachable home decor goals, but holy crap you guys someone actually took my dream of having bookshelves with a rolling ladder and made it a reality. And it’s in like, a normal room and not in a library in some mansion. Just to give you a little background, this obsession started when I saw Beauty and the Beast in second grade, and hasn’t waned even now that I’m thirty and have accepted that at this point, I will probably never live in a castle. But this is seriously like every bookworm/petite woman’s dream. I don’t know what this supposed business is that I’m going to need a home office for, but I imagine that I would be THE BEST at it if I had a room like this to work in.

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove


In my quest for better skin in this new decade of my life, I’m starting to think about daily habits that I could improve on. One thing I know for a fact that I’m failing at is regularly cleaning my makeup brushes. Like I can’t even tell you the last time I washed them. I think my main issue is that no matter how much I rinse them, I always feel like they still have gunk in them and feel as soft as when I first bought them. Not to mention I don’t really have any expensive tools, so sometimes I just throw them out and start fresh. I’ve seen multiple bloggers touting the benefits of this silicone glove with eight different cleaning textures. Even the thumb piece serves a purpose (to help reform brushes).

Beyond Beautiful: A Raw & Honest Roundtable 


There’s nothing more inspiring than a bunch of talented, kick-ass women in a room together chatting about their triumphs and challenges as a lady in 2016. Granted, they’re also super-talented actresses who make more money from a single film than I will probably ever see in my whole life, but listening to them talk about the sexism that they encounter daily in Hollywood somehow still seems relatable in Entertainment Weekly‘s new initiative Beyond Beautiful. I’m sort of biased because Reese Witherspoon is my most favorite actress of all time, but seeing these women together completely turns whatever image you had of #squadgoals upside down. I’ve been stalking the PO Box and my copy still hasn’t shown up yet (damn you, island mail + New England weather), but you better believe when it does, I will be hunkered down reading the full issue cover-to-cover. For now, watch this video (it’s twenty-eight minutes and worth every second) and just bask in the awesomeness of these four females.

So what’s getting you through the winter blues (or the mean reds)? Let me know in the comments. Remember, only thirty-nine days until spring – we can do this!